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The Dangers of Vaccines – Part 1 (MMR HPV Autism Gardasil Swine Flu H1N1Thimerosal) – Mainstream Media News Report

The Dangers of Vaccines – Part 2 (MMR HPV Autism Gardasil Swine Flu H1N1Thimerosal) – Mainstream Media News Report

Robert Scott Bell interviews Dr. Andrew J. Wakefield, author of Callous Disregard about autism and vaccines

What causes autism? – Marvin Boris, MD speaks out about Autism, the causes and treatment options.

A complete deconstruction of the BMJ Brian Deer fraud against Dr Wakefield – This is a special 4-hour investigation by Dr Gary Null who offers a complete deconstruction of the British Medical Journal and its outright fraudulent accusations against Dr Andrew Wakefield, the vaccine / autism researcher. While this is a very long program, it contains truly astonishing revelations that, without question, PROVE the innocence of Dr Andrew Wakefield and reveal why the British Medical Journal must now print a retraction.

CDC Concedes Secretly that VACCINES have a LINK to AUTISM– Mainstream Media News Report

Interview with Dr Andrew Wakefield about the British Medical Journal, science and vaccines – In this video interview, Dr Wakefield says that BMJ is factually incorrect in accusing Wakefield of falsifying the study data in his 1998 paper published in The Lancet.

“[The data] were faithfully reproduced in the Lancet paper, and they were made in the most scrupulous, meticulous way. Those are the facts. Brian Deer knew those facts. When he made his allegations to the BMJ, he knew those facts. Did he disclose them to the BMJ? More importantly, did the BMJ, as a peer reviewed scientific journal, did they check the facts? Because the facts were fully available to them in the book Callous Disregard.”

Interview with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny about dangers of vaccines – An eye-opening interview with Dr Sherri Tenpenny about the dangers of vaccines.
Here are some of the quotes from Dr Tenpanny in this interview:
“The money isn’t really to be made in the vaccine industry. The money is made by Big Pharma with all of the drugs that are given to treat and address all the illnesses that are subsequent to the side effects of the vaccines.”
“True health cannot come from a needle. Injecting people with something to try to keep them well is a 200 year mistake.”
“If we could cut vaccination by 90 percent and get everybody’s vitamin D levels up between 60 and 80 [ng / dl], we wouldn’t have this health care problem that we have to tax everybody to death to try to take care of people. People would be healthy.”
“It seems as though the pharmaceutical industry looks at children as nothing more than a repository of their products, whatever those products are… whether they are a vaccine, an artificial coloring from the food industry, something in a pill such as a medication, and we see these kids, they’re not healthy, they’re pale, they just don’t look healthy. And then the pharmaceutical industry paints these happy pictures that we have to keep vaccinating these kids to keep them healthy. And the pediatricians say because these kids are sick, we need to vaccinate them more!”

About the executives of these vaccine companies, Dr Tenpenny says, “Some of them will go to jail. Because I’m sure that some of them know absolutely what’s going on.”

Here’s what else you’ll hear about in this interview:

* Why parents are waking up to the truth about vaccine dangers.

* Why vaccines are related to our epidemic of asthma and allergies.

* Why “vaccines are the backbone of the entire pharmaceutical industry” because they create lifelong disease requiring expensive medical treatments.

* How vaccines are made with 63 different chemicals that may pose a grave risk of harm to human health.

Interview with Dr. Suzanne Humphries, a practicing nephrologist who warns about the dangers of vaccines .– In this interview, you’ll hear Dr Humphries talk about vaccines, including:

* Why she became concerned about vaccines after noticing kidney failure in patients who recently received vaccines.

* Why vaccines are often contaminated with unknown viral strains, and why the vaccine industry has covered up known vaccine contamination (and knowingly sold contaminated vaccines to be used on the public).

* Why the entire vaccine industry needs to be questioned, and why a new effort is needed to scientifically assess whether vaccines are really safe or effective.  And much more.

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