Sitting Makes You Sick

Its been spoken about on talk shoes, magazines and almost in every health and wellness program.  What are we talking about here?


Yes, when we sit we have a higher tendency to get sick.  Research has shown people are most likely to be obese, suffer from cardiac issues and develop diabetes.  Now I must throw my own 2 cents in here before moving on.  Please don’t take this as an excuse to continue eating poorly while you stand at your job all day.  Lets just get that strait.  If you put dead foods into your body you are going to get dead results.  Our bodies are living and active so its crucial to eat living foods that help nourish our cells, decrease oxidative stress and halt disease.  And just in case your wondering what living foods are: Living foods are those foods taken directly from creation and consumed usually immediately or fermented for maximum pro-biotic nutrition.  Living foods consist of all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fiber and antioxidants our bodies need to survive.  By giving us these perfect foods God knew he would be helping our bodies deal with cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and many other diseases.

Now getting back to sitting.  And yes, I am standing at the typing of this post, lol
I scratch my head on this one and laugh a little when people say this idea is nonsense.
But in reality, the great designer of the human body did not design us to have a sedentary lifestyle.  It’s only in the last century that desk jobs and TV junkies have blossomed.  Yet, man was created to be in constant movement.

We are sicker because we don’t have to work anymore with our hands and our feet to get our food.  We drive in the comfort of our air-conditioned car, walk for a few minutes in the grocery store, get home, then pop some pre made junk into the oven or microwave and sit at the TV for hours.

For our family the above scenario is absolutely unrealistic as we purposefully don’t have cable and the only time we sit down as a family is to eat a homemade meal and or watch a movie on the weekend.  Although farming my own food and living in some remote place up in the mountains is my dream, I have to be realistic and accept that unfortunately I live in the city and have to drive most of the time.  So we compensate by keeping busy at home.  Between 3 kids, work, laundry, church, preparing my own foods and herbal remedies and leading youth group and worship at our place of worship, we are jam-packed with lots of opportunities to be out and about.  Walking and bike riding are also amazing ways to stay active on a daily basis.

Now if all this talk of how “sitting makes you sick” does not convince you, please check out the articles below.  I think you will find them quite interesting.
Blessings to you and yours
La Chica Organica

Sitting six-plus hours per day makes you up to 40 percent likelier to die …. sitting at work , as long as I have good shoes I’d rather stand all day.
At the end of the day, some people sit for as long as 11 hours or more, which could significantly increase their risk of dying from all causes.
Researchers found that people who tend to sit for long periods of sat for 11 hours a day or more were at the highest risk of all-cause mortality,
People with sedentary jobs or aging adults that sit for long periods are well …. Russia bans all GM corn imports; EU may also ban Monsanto GMO in wake of astonishing and little-known facts about the food we eat very day.

BBC News – Sitting for long periods ‘is bad for your health’

Sitting for long periods increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease and She said: “If a worker sits at their desk all day then goes to the gym,

If sitting all day, working out does not reduce risk of diabetes, heart

“We all know someone who gets a good workout in every day, but then spends a large portion of their day sitting in front of a computer with few

Why sitting all day is killing you – CBS News

Why sitting all day is killing you. Play CBS News Video. (MoneyWatch) Warnings about the adverse health impact of sedentary workplace

The Risks of a Sedentary Lifestyle | Women’s Health Magazine

STANDING DESK. The Risks of a Sedentary Lifestyle: Stand Up for Your Health. Spending hours on end in a chair isn’t just murder on your back—it can literally

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