Moms Miraculous Salve

How many times have you wished you had something quick for a bug bite, wound, diaper rash, skin fungus, cut or blister?

Because I am a mom of 3 and a wife to a designer and handyman we needed something that would be safe for continuous use on our entire family.

After many formulations and test batches this wonderful product was born. This product is amazing since It contains anti-fungal and antiseptic qualities that aid in fighting bacteria and fungus.

Moms Miraculous Salve™ is made with 100% organic ingredients. There are no fillers, carcinogens, petrochemicals, stabilizers, genetically modified oils or harmful neuro-toxins used.

It can be used by the whole family and can be applied to cleaned wounds, sprains, bug bites, stings, sores, diaper rashes, and dry or chapped skin. We use this instead of Neosporin.

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Moms Miraculous Salve contains herbs that help draw out infection and reduce inflammation so its uses are endless and a must have for any family.
It’s also very effective as a diaper rash ointment for our baby and keeps him rash free all the time without the use of toxic creams. A little goes a long way so this small sized tin can last several months depending on your needs.

Samples of Moms Miraculous Salve have been sent to Ecuador, Haiti and to Honduras through missionaries that care for orphaned children. If you are a missionary this is a must have to take with you. Discounted pricing available for missionaries wanting to carry Mom’s Miraculous Salve into developing nations. Please contact me here for details.

You will receive a small reusable signature tin that fits great in purses, pockets, and anywhere you want to stash one for emergencies. Your tin will come wrapped in recycled acid free paper and a beautiful flower sticker. The small tin is pictured above along with two larger sizes that are currently out of stock but will be back soon. If you are interested in ordering the larger sizes or receiving a discount for bulk orders please send me a message via my shop below or by contacting me here. I give up to 30% off depending on how many items you want to order.

How to Use Salve: Apply generously to mosquito bites, cleaned wounds, bug bites, stings, sores, diaper rashes, dry chapped skin, fungal outbreaks, athletes foot and more.
Use externally as often as needed for adults, children and infants.

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Recluse Spider Bite – “My first experience was with a recluse spider bite. I used a salve I purchased from La Chica Organica called Mom’s Miracle Salve and was amazed at the results” Laura M from Fort Lauderdale Florida

Pet Remedy – “I wanted to share with your readers how amazing and truly miraculous your mom’s miraculous salve is. My son’s hamster, Titus had a skin wound something of an abrasion. I had no idea what to do when suddenly I thought of your salve and figured why not it’s worth a shot. It most certainly was because within about three days it was completely healed…it was a miracle!” Lisa K from Coral Springs Florida

Foot Fungus – “I had a terrible fungus appear constantly on my feet and spent time and money going to my dermatologist for expensive creams. I used this small tin on of moms miracle salve and the fungus on my feet cleared up after 3 weeks of using it 3 times a day and also using your herbal foot soak you made for my heel pain that you mentioned also has anti-fungal properties. Thanks LCO, you are so amazing and this salve truly is miraculous.” Gabriela S from Washington DC

Diaper Rash – “My little one has had a tough times since she was born with bad diaper rashes. I did not want to put steroid cream on her little butt since I know its not good for her. A friend gave me a sample of this salve and I was amazed that her rash cleared up that same day. I was so excited I could have cried. Thank You!!!” Adriana from Miami Florida

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