Alternative Medicine Index


Acne Kidney stones
Alcoholism Laryngitis
Allergic rhinitis Leukemia
Alopecia Low back pain
Alzheimer’s disease Lung cancer
Amenorrhea Lyme disease
Amyloidosis Lymphoma
Anaphylaxis Macular degeneration
Anemia Measles
Angina Meningitis
Angioedema Menopause
Anorexia nervosa Menstrual pain
Anxiety Migraine headache
Appendicitis Miscarriage
Asthma Mononucleosis
Atherosclerosis Motion sickness
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Multiple sclerosis
Autism Mumps
Benign prostatic hyperplasia Muscular dystrophy
Bone cancer Myeloproliferative disorders
Brain cancer Myocardial infarction
Breast cancer Nail disorders
Bronchitis Obesity
Bulimia nervosa Osteoarthritis
Burns Osteomyelitis
Bursitis Osteoporosis
Candidiasis Otitis media
Carpal tunnel syndrome Pancreatitis
Cataracts Parkinson’s disease
Celiac sprue Pelvic inflammatory disease
Cellulitis Peptic ulcer
Cervical dysplasia Pericarditis
Chronic fatigue syndrome Peritonitis
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Pertussis
Cirrhosis Pharyngitis
Colorectal cancer Photodermatitis
Common cold Post-traumatic stress disorder
Conjunctivitis Preeclampsia
Constipation Premenstrual syndrome
Cough Proctitis
Crohn’s disease Prostate cancer
Cutaneous drug reactions Prostatitis
Cystic fibrosis Psoriasis
Dementia Pulmonary edema
Depression Pulmonary hypertension
Dermatitis Pyloric stenosis
Diabetes Radiation damage
Diarrhea Raynaud’s phenomenon
Diverticular disease Reiter syndrome
Dysphagia Rheumatoid arthritis
Eczema Roseola
Edema Roundworms
Endocarditis Rubella
Endometriosis Sarcoidosis
Erythema Scleroderma
Fever of unknown origin Seizure disorders
Fibromyalgia Serum sickness
Food allergy Sexual dysfunction
Food poisoning Sexually transmitted diseases
Frostbite Shock
Gallbladder disease Sinus headache
Gastritis Sinusitis
Gastroesophageal reflux disease Skin cancer
Glaucoma Sleep apnea
Gout Sprains and strains
Hair disorders Stress
Heart failure Stroke
Heat exhaustion Syncope
Hemophilia Systemic lupus erythematosus
Hemorrhoids Temporomandibular joint dysfunction
Herpes simplex virus Tendinitis
Hirsutism Tension headache
Histoplasmosis Thyroiditis
HIV and AIDS Transient ischemic attacks
Hypercholesterolemia Tuberculosis
Hyperkalemia Ulcerative colitis
Hyperparathyroidism Urethritis
Hypertension Urinary incontinence
Hyperthyroidism Urinary tract infection in women
Hypochondriasis Uveitis
Hypoglycemia Vaginitis
Hypoparathyroidism Varicella-zoster virus
Hypothermia Varicose veins
Hypothyroidism Viral encephalitis
Infantile colic Viral hepatitis
Influenza Warts
Insect bites and stings Wounds
Intestinal parasites
Irritable bowel syndrome

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