It’s so important to know the ingredients in your personal care products and be especially mindful of mis-labeled organic products.  Many people purchase just about anything that promises better curls, plumper lips and radiant skin.  Even worse is the fact that many of these so-called natural and organic beauty products sold on the web and in stores are far from being safe and are not organic.  The government in the US allows any person or company to use the terms natural and organic in their labeling even if the product itself does not contain organic ingredients.  So, please beware of companies that lure you into thinking that their products are safe.

Also beware of those that claim that they make natural products for your benefit.  Most of the time these companies are ordering pre-made cosmetic and beauty treatments from online bulk retailers without disclosing this to the public. Some of these retailers don’t care about the ingredients used in their products because they are not the ones making each product and at the end of the day it’s all about $$$$.  To read an article about this click here. 

Unfortunately if people are not moved by a deep passion for health and follow strict convictions about why they do what they do, selling junk to others under false marketing does not seem to be an issue.  Organic or not, make sure you know the company you buy your beauty and cosmetic products from.

But what concerns me the most is that these “fake” (non organic) beauty products are loaded with cancer causing, endocrine system disrupting chemicals.  That is why I created my own line of beauty care products, herbal baby care  and spa treatments that I personally make using organic herbs, clays, un-processed sea salts, raw organic foods and organic essential oils.  I really enjoy teaching women and their families to make their own beauty treatments and I have shipped several of my creations oversees to disadvantaged children in various christian ministries.  I have also spoken at stores like WholeFoods and at several churches and small groups.

I create things because that is my passion and its something that oozes out of my pores.  Making my own organic diaper rash salve, pain relief ointment, stretch marks butter amongst other items, is something that I really enjoy.

I believe that God created the earth with all that we need to live a healthy life.  There are countless organic herbs that have multiple healing properties and we use them on a daily basis in teas, baths, poultices, ointments, herbal medicine and more.

If we have all of the earth’s bounty at our disposal then why do we use chemically loaded products on our skin and in our bodies?

Why not make your own beauty care products using organic ingredients?

In the coming weeks I will have many of my signature beauty recipes and supplies available under the Beauty section to members of what I am calling the “Bare to be Beautiful Club™”.

Bare to be Beautiful™ is the name of one of the organic baths I make for our family and its also the name of a ministry to women concerning true beauty.

I hope you’ll join me.  Details about the Bare to be Beautiful Club™ will be available shortly.

If you are interested in joining please email me at 

We will have all kinds of great information, audio tutorials, easy to make beauty treatment recipes, organic beauty supplies and much more available for you to enjoy with your family and friends.

Many Blessings,


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