Product Reviews

Do you have a product you would like La Chica Organica to review? Leave a comment below or contact me at LaChicaOrganica (a)

And just why would you want LCO to review your goods?

La Chica Organica has an audience in the United States and in over 198 countries around the world.  This site has scores of subscribers from all around the world who love to hear about healthy alternatives and earth friendly products they can use and trust.
Locally we give wellness classes and cooking consultations and we love sharing with others when we find companies who manufacture great products. After we come across something we love we add it to our Favorite Foods/Products list and this list is distributed to our subscribers and to people in our local community.

We can review and recommend food products that are organic, grain free, gluten free, sugar free, GAPS, SCD, Paleo etc. They don’t have to be organic but we do require that they are free of Genetically Modified Organisms.  We also review earth friendly and non toxic cosmetics and beauty care products like deodorant, soap, sprays, oils, organic and natural beauty products, green products, personal care products, baby and child products and much more.

During the review process, we wont ever bash a product or a craft someone has invested their heart and soul into.  However, we will give our input and experience with each item along with any documented benefits.    If a product is not something we are interested in, we will let you know before hand.  Products reviewed must be valued at $75 or more (not including shipping) and must be shipped to us for review.

Depending on the item being reviewed it can take between 6 weeks to 12 weeks for a review to be posted.  Once your review is posted you will receive an email informing you that your product has been reviewed.

Blessings to you and yours!


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