South America


Every face has a name and every name comes with a story.
I took this shot in Venezuela a few years ago.
This lady holds a PHD yet she lives pretty much on the street.
But in her poverty she’s beautiful, even classy I would say.
So many people around us are hurting. Some physically, some emotionally, some financially, some spiritually.
It’s always beautiful to stop for a moment and get to know a complete stranger. There is so much beauty in the unknown and unplanned.
This shot reminds me to be thankful, even if I am sick,
to smile with strangers,
to get to know someone I don’t know,
to make unplanned stops to help someone in need,
to listen to wisdom from those who have lived and loved before me,
to witness God’s beauty all around me… Yeah.

I took this shot while standing on a terrace of the largest neo-Gothic basilica (El Voto)in the Americas in Quito, Ecuador.
The picture is of El Panecillo, a virgin standing on top of a globe and stepping on a serpent.

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