Psoriasis and Eczema

Did you know that psoriasis and eczema can be caused by gut problems and or fungal overgrowth?  There are people that suffer for years and visit many doctors and they still cannot eliminate the problem.
My husband and I suffered from both of these issues due to our exposure to certain mycotoxins.

A few of the things we did to treat Internally:
– grapeseed extract drops 3 times a day in water or juice
– fermented foods and beverages like Kefir. You can purchase at your local raw dairy store or make your own Kefir, for more info ck out this post on my site
– Tumeric root – a great brand is by Gaia herbs
-Probiotics – a good fairly reasonable priced is made by Garden of Life
– IntestiNew – for renewing the lining in the intestines that when damaged leads to leaky gut and a long list of issues, allergies and conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

To treat Externally we did:
– a homemade blend with raw shea butter and coconut oil
– herbal baths with plaintain leaf, rose petas, calendula and chamomile

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