Preggo Mama

Are you planning a pregnancy or currently expecting?  Then I hope you will be blessed by all the information that I have available here for you.

I know that the most popular book that gets passed around for new and not so new moms is “What to Expect when you’re Expecting”; however although it is very insightful and detailed it does not cover anything for the organic holistic mom.  So with that in mind I am sharing some very helpful books you will want to get your hands on for your journey in Preggo land and beyond.

The natural pregnancy book: herbs, nutrition, and other holistic choices

The Complete Organic Pregnancy

Natural baby and childcare

BPA, PVC & Phthalate free product for mom and baby

Be sure to check out the other sections under the the Family Heath tab, you are sure to find lots of helpful information and many resources about parenting, health and much more.

Also if your planning on breastfeeding check out La Chica Organica’s Breast is Best Tea that promotes healthy milk production and the best book in my opinion for breatfeeding mommies by Hilary Jacobson entitled Mother Food: A Breastfeeding Diet Guide with Lactogenic Foods and Herbs.

I am also going to leave you with a few recommended sites I think you will find helpful:

Natural Pregnancy

Mothers Naturally

Gentle Christian Mothers

Natural Birth & Baby Care

Need to find a good prenatal that is not loaded with toxic fillers and constipates you?  The one by Garden of Life is my favorite.  For a $10 discount coupon if you purchase this through Vitacost click here.

Wondering what herbs and natural remedies you can use while pregnant then click here.

Questions or Comments please feel free to contact me here.

May you and your tummy be blessed!

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