Personal Stories

Source: Global Indoor Health Network
Individuals and families around the world are being harmed by
poor indoor air quality.  The following list is just a sample of the
many stories that have occurred.  These stories involve
mold and other indoor contaminants.

Actress Evangeline Lilly 

Actress Jennifer Aniston 

Actress Sandra Bullock (Texas) vs. Daneshjou Construction 

Alabama State House (Alabama) 

Allemand family (Louisiana) vs Discovery Homes 

Andersen Windows caused mold and fungus growth (2010) 

Architex Association (Missisippi) vs Scottsdale Insurance 

Arnett family (Florida)Ballard, Melinda (Texas) 

Barth, Patricia (New York) vs United Healthcare 

Becker family (Michigan) 

Betzel, Kurt (Texas) vs State Farm 

Blackfeet Indian Reservation vs HUD 

Booros family (California) vs Lowe’s Home Improvement 

Britzius family (Minnesota) 

Brockovich, Erin (California) video 

Brown, Campbell (news reporter, formerly with CNN) 

Buffalo Police Station–Northwest District (New York) 

Bureau family (Michigan) vs State Farm 

Carrizales family (Texas) vs State Farm 

Celebrity mold stories (Erin Brockovich, Ed McMahon, Lou Ferrigno, Michael Jordan, Bianca Jagger) 

Chee family (New Zealand) vs Weathertight Homes Tribunal 

Chick family (Texas) 

Coley, Jean (North Carolina) vs Lowe’s Home Improvement 

Cull family (Texas) vs Perry Homes–Jury Awards $58 Million to Cull family in March 2010 

Decena family (California) vs Pacific Specialty Insurance Company 

Delp, Linda (Delaware) 

Detroit Metropolitan Airport–Air Traffic Control Tower (Michigan) 

Watch the video (mentions other air traffic control towers with water and mold intrusion problems)

DeWindt, Kirk of ABC’s “The Bachelorette” 

Dima family (Canada) 

Doherty (Massachusetts) vs Admiral’s Flagship Condominium Trust, etc. 

News article from Boston Real Estate Now

News article from The Massachusetts Real Estate Law Blog

Doherty case Court Ruling

Downey Studios and Downey Kaiser (California)–Ralph Nader press conference 

Downey Studios Flu: How an L.A. Suburb Became One of the Most Toxic Towns (California) 

Dunkin family (Indiana) 

Eagle Mountain homeowners (Utah) vs Richmond American Homes 

EPA Workers (in North Carolina) Say Building is Making Them Sick 

Fabry family (Colorado) 

CBN News Video with Pat Robertson (go to 15 minute mark)

Fair Walker Townhomes (Georgia) vs Miller-Gallman Developers and the Hogan Construction Group 

Ferdinando, Joanne (Florida) vs University of Central Florida, Daytona Beach Community CollegeTests showed
Stachybotrys chartarum cfu/gram of 35 Million

Fichtel/Sobotka (Illinois) vs State Farm 

Fiess family (Texas) vs State Farm 

Firefighters–Suwannee County (Florida) 

Fort Bliss (Texas) 

Fox News Employees Sue Over Alleged Mold (New York) 

Freedman family (California) vs State Farm–Article titled “Is the State Farm Policy Really Worth Anything?” 

Frohna, Victoria (Ohio) 

Gage, Ebony (Pennsylvania) 

Philadelphia Housing Authority settles for $9.5 million (Moldy Conditions Led to Brain Damage for 12 year old girl)

Garrison family (Florida) 

Genna family (Michigan): 

Article announcing Court decision (Dec. 22, 2009)

From the article:  Plaintiffs…do not have to present an expert witness to prove they had suffered physical ailments as a
result of exposure to mold.  According to the court, it was enough that mold was present and that the plaintiffs had
physical ailments that could be attributed to mold exposure.  The court left it to the defendant to disprove that the mold
exposure did not cause the alleged illnesses.

Ruling from Michigan Court of Appeals

Gerding family (Texas) vs State Farm 

Gleason family (Pennsylvania)Goddard High School (Roswell, New Mexico)–2010 

The judge said, “…you’re under notice that you have a potential problem that in high probability will generate

The judge also said, “Our duty to our students (and) to our young people is a continuous duty.”

Mold Biotoxin Illness Linked to GHS Infects Many (2011)

Gorman family (California) 

Defendants settle with family for $22.6 Million (Baby was brain damaged due to mold)

Gossett Jr., Louis (actor) 

Greene family (Texas) vs Woodside Homes 

Gresham Townhomes (Oregon) vs Persimmon Development 

Gwinn family (Oklahoma) involves Dr. Thomas Walsh with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) 

Hammond family (Texas) 

Harrod family (Virginia)Headley family (New York) vs M & J Limited Partnership 

Herman, Helen (Massachusetts) 

Jury Awards more than $1 Million to Tenant

Hodges family (California) vs State Farm 

HUD Building (Washington, D.C.) 

Johannsen family (Alabama) vs. HUD 

King family (North Carolina) 

Koveskali, Danielle (New Zealand) 

Kuther family (New Jersey) vs John Zaklama and Coffee Place 

Laguna/DePaul story (Florida) 

Levesque family (Missouri) 

Lewin/Davison family (U.K.) 

Lexie’s story (Texas) 

Lightfoot family (Michigan) vs Allstate Insurance 

Louisiana Department of Social Services (Louisiana)–Plaza Towers case 

Lynn family (Missouri) 

Malone, Sharon (Texas) vs College of the Mainland, Texas City, Texas 

Manganaro, Kathleen (Pennsylvania) 

Written copy of speech before the CFS Advisory Committee, Washington, D.C., May 10, 2011

Video of speech before the CFS Advisory Committee

McCormick, Teresa (Washington) vs Windermere Real Estate and Lighthouse Home Inspection 

Additional article about the McCormick story

McGovern, Marcie (Texas) 

McHenry, Elizabeth (lllinois) vs Allstate Insurance 

McMahon, Ed family (California) 

Additional articles about Ed McMahon’s mold story

Meister family (Alabama) vs State Farm 

Melichar family (Idaho) vs State Farm 

Meng family (Virginia) vs Drees Homes 

Article about the Meng family jury award

Minium, Robin (Arizona) vs Pillar Communities 

Multiple mold stories sent to Consumer Affairs regarding State Farm 

Nelson family (North Carolina) vs Hartford Insurance 

Novak, Martha (Ohio) vs State Farm 

Oak Ridge Elementary School (North Carolina) 

Page, Wanda (Texas) vs State Farm 

Palser, Spring (New York) 

Pauluk, Dan (Nevada) 

Preston family (Georgia) 

Ray, Rachael and John Cusimano (New York ) vs Amerispec Heritage Home Inspection Service and Joseph Schmitt
Consulting Engineers 

Red Mountain Elementary School (Arizona) 

Richmond County Law Enforcement Center (Georgia) 

Rock family (Illinois) vs State Farm re Duty to Defend 

Rodriguez family (California) 

Saad family (Massachusetts) 

Salowitz, Joe (New York) 

Shephard, Gail (California) vs Downey Studios and Kaiser 

Downey Studios Flu: How an L.A. Surburb Became One of the Most Toxic Towns (California)

Downey Studios and Downey Kaiser (California)–Ralph Nader press conference

Toxic Mold Assessment, Mitigation and Prevention at DOD Facilities (2004)

The Science of “Air Pharmacology” (2005)

The Trio–NASA, Kaiser and DuPont

Downey Kaiser papers (website)

Shriner family (Pennsylvania) vs Peerless Insurance (Liberty Mutual) 

Sica family (Florida) 

Smith, Amberlyn (Ohio) 

Stroot, Elizabeth and Joletta Watson (Delaware) vs New Haverford Partnership, Richard F. Deery, Edward L. Davidson, Jr. and
Mid-Atlantic Realty Company, Inc. (2001) 

Stuckey family (Louisiana) vs Riverstone Residential 

Switzer, Barry (Oklahoma) vs State Farm 

Trippence Apartments (Tennessee) 

Walker family (California) vs Goland Services Property Management 

Watkins family (Oklahoma) vs State Farm 

Court Order Sustaining Plaintiffs’ Motion for Contempt and for Sanctions Against State Farm

Wellmeyer family (Louisiana) vs Allstate Insurance 

West, Carol (Maryland) 

Wisecup family (Iowa) versus State Farm Insurance Company 

Details of this case have been provided to the FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice.

 State Farm employees involved:

Rory Hansen, Ankeny, Iowa

             Patrick M. Walters, Johnston, Iowa

             Cindy Garr-White, Urbandale, Iowa

  Attorneys for State Farm:

David V. Jones, Jones Kurth law firm, San Antonio, Texas (In another case involving David Jones and State
Farm, they were disciplined and sanctioned for their misconduct.  That case was in Oklahoma.  David Jones’s
law firm–Jones Kurth–was also named as a defendant in a lawsuit regarding racketeering.)

Oklahoma Court ruling for sanctions against State Farm and attorney David V. Jones

More court documents about San Antonio attorney, David V. Jones

Expose’ about David V. Jones on

May, 1997: David V. Jones (nickname “Wiretapper”) pleads no contest to (felony charges):

“On or about March 7, 1995, in the Southern District of Texas and within the jurisdiction of this court,
Defendant, DAVID JONES did intentionally disclose to Theresa Gutierrez, the contents of a wire
communication, that is, a non-consensually intercepted and recorded telephone conversation between
Mark Rains and Paul Kornfuerer, having reason to know that the information was obtained through the
interception of a wire communication in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 2511(1) (a), all
in violation of Title 18, United States Code, section 2511(1) (c) , 4 (b) (ii).”

Henry Harmon, Grefe & Sidney law firm, Des Moines, Iowa (Harmon had to withdraw from the case because he
was caught committing an ethics violation.)

Cecelia Ibson Wagner, Des Moines, Iowa

  Expert witnesses for State Farm included:

Dr. Raymond Harbison, (former expert witness for the tobacco industry), USF, Florida

Dr. H. James, Wedner, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri

Dr. Matthew Rizzo, University of Iowa Hospital, Iowa City, Iowa

Dr. Daniel Tranel, University of Iowa Hospital, Iowa City, Iowa (was paid a lot of money but was not able to
participate  in the trial because he is not an M.D.)

The case involved several defendants, numerous law firms and dozens of attorneys, paralegals, etc.

The case also involved nine district court judges in Iowa and several appellate court and supreme court judges.

Source: Global Indoor Health Network

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