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It does not matter who you speak to these days.  Everyone is dealing with some sort of cancer either directly or indirectly.  Cancer has become the wicked Green Goblin of our world and its poison is slowly destroying the lives of millions of people.  Today I spoke to someone who has a relative who is fairly young and was diagnosed with liver cancer and has lost all hope.
Almost every week I hear of more cases of terminal cancer.  Unfortunately there is a huge debate in the US and abroad about diet and how it can aid the human body during cancer.

Did you know this about Cancer?

Most tumors contain a small percentage, approximately 2%, of MDR (multiple drug-resistant) cells. Chemo is not effective against these cells. After the first round of chemo, if the chemo is effective, all of the cells that are not MDR, are destroyed. Since this accounts for the vast majority of the tumor mass, the tumor appears […]

Alternative Cancer Treatments & the Doctors and Practitioners Who Use Them

…you“must change the biological terrain of your body so that it is no longer hospitable to having the abnormal cancer cells, while at the same time helping your immune system to do its job better. In this way, if successful, some of the cells will redifferentiate back to normal cells while others will be destroyed by your immune system’s soldiers such as your NK or natural killer cells. This can be a long and difficult task and some immune products can be costly. Remember how many years it took for these cells to get to the point they are currently at! The most important things that must all be carried out as soon as possible are (in no particular order)”

Food: The silent killer or healer- What you need to know about defeating disease.

I have watched this documentary over and over again.  And just when I reach the end I cry every-time.  It moves me so much to see dedicated medical professionals that have thought beyond their conventional practices and actually done something out of genuine care for their dying patients.  I am also moved by the simple beauty that God created all the herbs, plants, fruits and vegetables that are ultimately used in even the most aggressive forms of cancer and disease. Something so simple to grasp and yet millions of people have to die each year including children because as a society we care more about the green paper then truly finding cures that are embedded in Gods wonderful creation.

I Juiced to Beat Cancer and Turned Orange!

The Centers for Disease Control and the National Cancer Institute recommend you eat at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies per day, but 9+ servings per day is essential if you want to transform your health. Most folks I know don’t even average 1 serving per day.  Sorry grains and starches don’t count.
Our modern processed food diet has left our bodies starving for nutrients at the cellular level. Juicing is the best way to extract massive amounts of nutrients from vegetables; without having to sit down and eat several pounds of vegetables per day.

Gerson Therapy Q&A with Dr. Patrick Vickers

Dr. Vickers answers questions about the importance of sugar and cooked food in the Gerson therapy for cancer, brilliantly explains cancer cell biology, and much more. He also talks about why he is intentionally not affiliated with the Gerson Institute.

The Top 10 Anti-Cancer Vegetables

Researchers studied the inhibitory (cancer-stopping) effects of 34 vegetable extracts on 8 different tumor cell lines.  They basically just ran vegetables through a juicer and then dripped the extracted juice on different cancer cells to see what would happen. Here’s what they found…

How to heal Cancer and many Chronic Diseases

You don’t want to miss this interview with Charlotte Gerson, the daughter of world renowned doctor Max Gerson.

Cancer in a Bottle – Learn to Read Labels and Avoid these Toxic Chemicals

Know the ingredients in your personal care products.  A fantastic Guide by EWG (Environmental Working Group) Better products are truthful in their marketing claims and free of potentially worrisome ingredients. Some products might make claims like “gentle” or “natural,” but since the government does not require safety testing, personal care product manufacturers can use almost […]

Gerson Therapy for Cancer – Plus Natural Treatment During Chemotherapy

Last week I received 4 emails about people dying from cancer and 2 emails from people wanting to do natural treatment for their cancer.  Let me say that if you have cancer or any serious disease, my heart breaks for you.  I wept after reading each email.  I wished I was close by to these people to embrace them.  I don’t hate many things but Cancer is one of those things that I HATE.

The Beautiful Truth – A must see film for anyone with cancer or who is sick – Come watch NOW for FREE

I did a post about Dr Gerson and his healing research for cancer and many other ailments.  If you look at the drop down category box to the bottom right of this page you can see posts that I have written about Dr Gerson and or Cancer.

But I have received several emails from people who cannot afford to purchase The Beautiful Truth movie documentary so I am making it available for you here.   This is a must watch film for anyone who is sick or just wants to live a healthier life.

Testimony from Colon Cancer Survivor Healed through Diet

My father was the first person to teach me over 20 years ago about the healing effects of certain herbs, barks and raw foods for cancer. It’s always refreshing to hear stories of success with natural methods.  Please take a few minutes to watch Chris Wark’s story by clicking on the first link below to hear how he defeated colon cancer through diet.

The Ins and Outs of Raw Food – Recipes, Tips & Resources You Should Know About!

Raw food anyone? When you hear people say that they eat raw food do you think that limits you to only carrot sticks and celery? Thankfully that is not the case. The other day I was chatting with a mom about how to get her little ones to eat more raw food. Here is some […]

Top 21 Worst Ingredients in Today’s Food – A-Z Guide for you & your Family!

Ever wonder what’s really in the food sold at grocery stores around the world? People keep asking me, “What ingredients should I avoid?” So I put together a short list that covers all the most toxic and disease-promoting ingredients in the food supply. These are the substances causing cancer, diabetes, heart disease and leading to […]

World Health Organization (WHO) is now admitting that mobile phones do cause cancer after all

After years of denials, the World Health Organization (WHO) is now admitting that mobile phones do cause cancer after all. It’s now official: Holding an active cell phone next to your head can give you brain tumors. All of us who have been warning about this for years were, of course, blasted as “conspiracy theorists.” Yet again, […]

Report says: American Cancer Society may be more interested in accumulating cash than curing any disease.

The American Cancer Society (ACS) is: “[A] nationwide community-based voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer, saving lives, and diminishing suffering from cancer through research, education, advocacy, and service.” That sounds all well and good, and a lot of people put their faith in this organization and dutifully […]

Health Benefits of Phytochemicals – Are You getting Enough?

Phytonutrients, the chemicals that help plants defend against environmental challenges, such as damage from pests or ultraviolet light, appear to provide humans with protection as well. Mounting research shows their effectiveness in preventing and treating a range of conditions including everything from cancer and heart disease to diabetes and high blood pressure. But current law […]

Miracle Drink: Carrot, Beetroot and Apple

I have enjoyed this juice on and off for over 10 years now and its one of my favorite brain boosting juices.  It also boasts exceptional health benefits and tastes delicious.    Below is a recent article and recipe that has been circulating on the web lately about the benefits of juicing certain veggies and […]

Do you know someone with Cancer or a Serious Ilness – Then you will want to Watch This!

The Beautiful Truth – A Must See Movie

Do This Now & Protect Your Body from Toxic Chemicals

It’s a terrible fact that we live in a world were pesticides are sprayed freely over all our lawns, crops and plants.  Our children are exposed to thousands of these chemicals just by playing on grass that has been treated with pesticides.  Even babies in the womb are exposed to these deadly chemicals and are […]

What supposed healthy food can stimulate breast cancer, cause difficulties with menopause, and may result in Alzheimer’s?

Are you confused about soy? The Weston A. Price Foundation has compiled a list of soy dangers and myths to get the truth out once and for all. Soy Dangers Summarized High levels of phytic acid in soy reduce assimilation of calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and zinc. Phytic acid in soy is not neutralized by […]

Is there a chemical plant in your mattress?

Rock a by baby on the tree top…….la la la la – la la – la- la la.  How many times have we sung that lullaby to our babies.  But dreams might not be so sweet for thousands of people around the world that have highly toxic mattresses in their home.  Most the of the […]

Health News: Another Neurotoxic/Endocrine Disrupting Pesticide soon to be on your Strawberries

According to an article published in the NYT, Methyl iodide will be approved by California’s Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) for use all over the state which produces 90% of the strawberries consumed in the US.  Currently this new fumigant is not on the list of pesticides approved for agricultural use.  Methyl iodide has been […]

Why You need Tumeric (Curcuma longa)

This is one herb that every household must not go without.  Tumeric is a perennial flowering plant in the ginger family that is native to Asia.  We cook with it often and also take it in supplement form purchased from New Chapter. You can read a recent article I wrote called The Best Organic Vitamins […]

Fresh Lemongrass Fields in Israel for Cancer Patients

My mom sent me an email that discusses the properties of one of my favorite herbs for tea called lemongrass.  Of course I was not concerned that this email was a fabricated story because I know that research has been done all around the world to prove the health benefits of lemongrass and many other […]

Top 10 Anti-Cancer Vegetables

The #1 most powerful anti-cancer food was Garlic.

Garlic stopped cancer growth COMPLETELY against these tumor cell lines:
breast, brain, lung, pancreatic, prostate, childhood brain cancer, and stomach cancer.

Are your Beauty and Home Cleaning Products Toxic?

Did you know that a synthetic petrochemical carcinogen called 1,4-dioxane is in everything from J & J’s baby wash to Tide laundry detergent, Dial Clean & Soft Aloe an0bacterial hand soap, Olay Complete Body Wash with Vitamins (Normal Skin) and many other products? According to The Environmental Working Group; “Many manufacturers use ethoxylation, a cheap, shortcut […]

Must Read News: Presidential Advisors Warn about Cancer

Late last week, a report from the President’s Cancer Panel (PCP) made an announcement that has been known by us health nuts for a long time.  But its a step forward towards warning the American public about the dangerous cancer causing chemicals and ingredients in addition to the radiation that surrounds us. The PCP made […]

Cell Phones and Brain Tumors – What You Should Know

This is a favorite topic of mine with friends and family since I have been screaming about this for over 10 yrs.  My dad was the first one to bring me national and international research on this topic.  Please read through, it might just save your life or the life of your child.  Children are […]

Toxic Baby Wash – Plus Johnson & Johnson class action suit.

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), personal care products contain known human carcinogens or developmental toxins, and more than one-third of all personal care products contain at least one ingredient linked to cancer. You can access their database by clicking on the image on your bottom right that says “Are your cosmetics toxic?” So […]

In the News: Cosmetics & Cancer

Chemical Cosmetics Linked To Increased Risk Of Breast Cancer Source: Alliance of Natural Health According to Canadian scientists writing in the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine, women exposed to synthetic fibers and petroleum products in the course of their work appear to be most at risk of breast cancer. Exposure to certain chemicals and pollutants […]

News: Scientists Say F.D.A. Ignored Radiation Warnings

By GARDINER HARRIS Straight to the Source WASHINGTON — Urgent warnings by government experts about the risks of routinely using powerful CT scans to screen patients for colon cancer were brushed aside by the Food and Drug Administration, according to agency documents and interviews with agency scientists. After staying quiet for a year, the scientists […]

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