Believe It – Pesticides Could Fuel Alzheimer’s Disease

Believe it or not, Alzheimer’s and many other diseases and sicknesses are caused and or triggered by environmental toxins.  Not only pesticides play a role. Mycotoxins emitted from various molds, mercury, asbestos, lead and other chemicals used in homes, farms and buildings across the country all contribute to rapid health decline!
Don’t believe me?  All you have to do is research online about the many people injured while working or living in places with poor indoor air contaminated with chemicals and or high levels of mycotoxins.
Each system in the body is slowly but surely affected by these assailants on our immune system.  In some people it may start in the respiratory system with an onset of wheezing after never having asthma their entire life.  In others they may begin to experience tachycardia and bradycardia.  Others may break out in rashes and become allergic to certain foods.
In the most serious cases, memory loss, chronic fatigue syndrome, cancer, chemical sensitivity, blindness and even death may occur.

Bombshell Study: This Pesticide Could Fuel Alzheimer’s Disease
By Leah Zerbe


“Scientists have been feverishly studying genetics to find a break in Alzheimer’s research—a clue that could help eradicate this monster of a disease. But genes are just part of the equation. Rutgers scientists just led a team that turned up evidence suggesting pesticides and Alzheimer’s disease could be intricately linked, according to a new study published in JAMA Neurology.

Researchers specifically found that higher levels of the breakdown product of the nasty insecticide DDT (DDE) in the blood of people seemed to fuel the disease. People with higher levels in their bodies were more likely to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s compared to older people with lower levels.”
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