The Direct link between Autism and Abnormal Gut Flora

Must see Videos

This is a topic that has fascinated me for many years.  I have researched medical reports from all around the world, read books written by both MD’s and Nutritionists and seen first hand accounts of this dreadful condition  in children. I have taken note, compared studies, spoken to parents with autistic children and cried a lot.

For many years I have argued that although genes may play a role in a child’s diagnosis with autism, there are other factors that come into play.  Often these factors are not even considered.

Looking back in history, just some 20 years ago, the amount of children diagnosed with autism from the US and UK was about 4 in every 10,000.  These numbers are now about 1 in every 60 children.  Why the significant jump in numbers?

My research has led me to believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that genes, vaccines, intestinal health, infections and environmental toxins (ie mycotoxins and electromagnetic fields)  play an active role in the diagnosis of autism.  This is something that every parent should look into if their child was diagnosed with autism.   I can’t stress enough the importance to read, talk to others and ask lots of questions.  Whether its autism or cancer.  Do your homework, it might just mean reversing a disease in your child or improving their health dramatically.

That is exactly what this mom and doctor did for her child.  Hear Dr. Campbell-McBride’s remarkable journey, discovery and how her research and treatment through proper diet reversed her sons autism and has helped many children suffering from autism and other disorders.

In the videos she explains:

“What happens in these children [is that] they do not develop normal gut flora from birth … Gut flora is a hugely important part of our human physiology. Recently research in Scandinavia has demonstrated that 90 percent of all cells and all genetic material in a human body is our own gut flora. We are just a shell… a habitat for this mass of microbes inside us. We ignore them at our own peril.

…As a result, their digestive system—instead of being a source of nourishment for these children—becomes a major source of toxicity.

These pathogenic microbes inside their digestive tract damage the integrity of the gut wall. So all sort of toxins and microbes flood into the bloodstream of the child, and get into the brain of the child.

That usually happens in the second year of life in children who were breast fed because breastfeeding provides a protection against this abnormal gut flora. In children who were not breastfed, I see the symptoms of autism developing in the first year of life. So breastfeeding is crucial to protect these children.”

You don’t want to miss these videos and you will definitely want to share them with others.

The first set of videos is from an interview done by Dr Mercola with Dr. Campbell-McBride.

The second set of videos is from a talk about Autism diet Dr. Campbell-McBride and Donna Gates


**I must note that there are a few views expressed in these videos that I do not agree with when pertaining to diet.  I always promote an “organic only” diet and if a child or adult is going to consume animal products for health reasons, it must come from organically raised, green and grass-fed animals. **

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