Breast is Best Tea™

Breast is Best Tea  for Nursing Moms to Promote Milk Production

Breast is Best Tea  for Nursing Moms to Promote Milk ProductionBreast is Best Tea  for Nursing Moms to Promote Milk ProductionBreast is Best Tea  for Nursing Moms to Promote Milk ProductionBreast is Best Tea  for Nursing Moms to Promote Milk Production

He causes the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man: that he may bring forth food                         out of the earth.. Psalm 104:14

As a mom of three and a serious breastfeeding madwoman I would be lost without my herbal tea for enhancing milk production.  Since 2004 I have shared this tea and recipe with many moms on the verge of losing their milk and have had many fabulous stories.  The organic herbs I use in this blend have been used for centuries by European women and are often recommended by lactation consultants for their lactogenic properties.

With my last baby I enjoyed this tea 3 to 6 times a day after giving birth and then 1 to 3 times a day once baby reached 12 mths.  Since I had to go back to work full-time when my last was only 3 mths old, I noticed a drop in my milk production at first which devastated me.  So I came up with a little plan that worked like a charm.  In the morning I would take a hot shower making sure to let the hot water pour down on the chest area.

While I was showering I had my tea brewing and would come out of the shower and pump while drinking my hot Breast is Best Tea.  Then while nursing baby I would enjoy another cup of tea and one more while at work.  Then right before bed I made another cup.  I love adding in raw organic milk or rice milk and sweetening with raw organic honey.

I have this tea available in loose form for $10 for a medium 4 ounce bag that will make approximately 25 – 30 cups of tea.

Click here to purchase or contact me here for details on ordering locally.

You will receive aprox 1/4 pound of loose tea.

Here are just a few of the medicinal properties  in Breast is Best Tea:

Increases milk supply in nursing mothers, improves digestion and reduces gas in mother and baby.

Loaded with minerals that help build/replace the blood lost in childbirth. It also contains high levels of chlorophyll which aids in building a mother’s milk supply after giving birth.

Has been taken by many women around the world during pregnancy and after to tone the uterus and to prevent excessive bleeding during childbirth. It is responsible for bringing the milk down and enriching the quality of a mother’s milk.

Rich in iron, magnesium, calcium, B1, B2, B3 and vitamin C. Dandelion is one of the best blood and liver purifiers around making it very important for production of clean milk.

Improves blood circulation to the breasts and is effective in reducing flatulence in mother and baby.

Used in Asia for centuries by lactating women to promote milk production. It is also very effective in reducing flatulence, lowering bad cholesterol and supporting the liver.

Used for nausea, stomach upset, headache, sinus congestion and gas in nursing moms and children.

Check out one mom’s success story::

Raquel Medina
Jun 16, 2011 @ 20:57:37

“I began having issues producing enough milk to feed my son after two months as I had to return to work. I have been buying nursing tea after nursing tea and to my disappointment the outcome was not as strong as I had hoped. At first skeptical about this “BREAST IS BEST TEA” but just one cup changed all of that. I drank a cup as I pumped my milk and I saw a slight difference. A few hours later I got home and laid in bed for a while, I started to drift off when I felt that my bed sheet was wet, my shirt was wet, and breast pads completely SOAKED! At last my stress about not producing enough milk…GONE!”

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