Has La Chica Organica helped you in any way these past few years?  If so, would you consider giving us a pat on the back in the form of a donation?  Our family would greatly appreciate it!

This entire site and all of the resources on it are the result of love for people and a desire to help families get healthier.  Our family receives no monetary compensation for the countless hours spent on articles, answering questions and researching for our audience.

This site was started after our own experience of suffering with health issues and not having anywhere to turn for helpful research and information.  We believe that if we can share those things we have learned through our suffering we will have suffered with purpose not in vain!

You can donate $5, $10, $50 or $500 it does not matter.  Anything we receive will help us continue investing countless unpaid hours into providing much-needed help and research to the thousands of followers that visit our site on a yearly basis.

Please note La Chica Organica is not a ‘non-profit’ or ‘not-for-profit’.  We are a no profit gaining site that seeks to bless those around us with valuable life changing information.

So if you have been blessed with anything on this site or you have received an email reply or assistance in any way, and you would like to say “thank you” would you please consider blessing us with a love gift of any amount?  To do so just click the donate button above.

Also if you give a donation of $200 or more you will receive a 1 hour health education/coaching phone consultation.

(Please Note: Our PayPal id on the donate page is our family email “cmarim” don’t let that throw you off)

Our family thanks you in advance for any financial blessing you send our way!
As we often say:
“Make sure you live your life as a gift and then give that gift away everyday!”

Lots of Love
La Chica Organica (which means The Organic Chic)

Please note that because we are a no profit gaining site your financial blessing will not be tax deductible. It is as if you are giving a friend financial support to say thank you or as help in their time of need.

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