Crafty Chica

Ever had a bunch of things at home that you knew were trash but you just wished you had a creative idea to help you make something crafty?  Not to mention the positive effect on our planet and our pockets when we recycle things and turn them into treasures.
No more worries.  LCO also known as Crafty Chica has searched the web for you and found some pretty awesome ideas.  Check them out below.  Come back often for new craft ideas.  I will add them as I find them.
Happy Crafting.

1 – 70 + Pallet – Craft Projects – Collection

2 – Awesomely creative way of making corrugated roofing from soda bottles

3 – Make a low seating bench using wood pallets

4 – Make a toddler bed using wood pallets

5 – Pallet bike rack, oh so cool

6 – Free Printable Mason Jar Labels for making gifts and storing your favorite things

7 – Remove DVD and CD scratches with a banana

8 – Altoid Tin Crafts for Kids of All Ages

9 – 100% Natural Fruit Roll Ups DIY

10 – Christmas time crafts and fun for the entire family

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