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South America - Cordillera de los Andes 10,000+ ft above sea level.UPDATE SUMMER 2015 – Click Here to read about my story.

He causes the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man: that he may bring forth food out of the earth.. Psalm 104:14

Being a health advocate is something I take very seriously.  Aside from my love for all things healthy and organic, I am a fun-loving mom to 3 beautiful children and a fighter of a few chronic illnesses that walked into my life unexpectedly after my repeated exposure to environmental toxins.  Although I am not well and I struggle daily it is a great pleasure for me share what I know with others, to encourage them and teach others about healthy living habits.

Both before and after becoming sick and for over a decade I have passionately taught many people about the benefits of an organic, nutrient dense, living foods, sugar-free and gluten-free lifestyles. I believe in a balanced diet designed to heal the body from whatever ailments present.
I am also actively involved in teaching others about environmental toxins and how they affect our health.  Sadly there are not enough people speaking about the effects of chemicals and mycotoxins on human health and those who have spoken up in the medical community have been persecuted and shut down by the powers that be. Because my health was severely affected by these demons in recent years, I am passionate about sharing my story, research and hope with others.

My classes range from teaching people how to prepare green smoothies, raw meal preparations to learning the art of herbal medicine making.  I believe that once people are armed with the proper information they can make wiser choices to improve their overall wellness.  My motto is that we should live our life everyday as a gift and then give that gift away everyday .
My passion for health is my gift to you via this blog.

And now for the meat of the matter. A little about me.
I often get emails asking me how I got into health and wellness, herbal medicine, healthy cooking and crafting organic products.  So here is a little bit about LCO and some of the services I offer.

My passion for health and helping people started from when I was a little girl.  I always enjoyed making teas, working with plants, cooking, planting, harvesting and being covered in dirt. LOL

However as I grew up and moved back to the US I veered away from the healthy diet my family had followed. Like most young adults I began to eat fast food and I exercised daily. Because I was extremely fit I did not worry too much about what I was consuming although I still ate my veggies and fruits in moderation, I was not drinking enough water and started to suffer with severe constipation.

The second part of my journey began over 12 years ago when my firstborn was diagnosed with severe asthma and allergies and ended up in a hospital for 6 weeks and then underwent a surgery.  He was not even 2 at the time.

I had exhausted all my efforts to keep him healthy and he was on over 5 meds a day and took many antibiotics and steroids in his first year of life.  I ignorantly listened to his first pediatrician and gave my little one cereal at two and a half months causing him a host of issues later on.  This in addition to a reaction to one of his vaccines set us in motion towards lots of sick days and doctor visits.
Deep down  inside, I knew something was wrong with the amount of medicines he was taking since he showed no improvement in his overall health.  I knew that doing breathing treatments every 4 hours for weeks was not the answer. I felt exhausted and tired of always being in the doctor’s office with him.

My frustration lead me to research and I began to listen to my grandma and father who were always instructing me against what the pediatrician recommended. Being a new mom I wanted to make my own choices and trusted blindly in our doctors (a big mistake).  Slowly I began to uncover many truths about how to help my son get better.  Once armed with the courage, inspiration and determination, I started to do my own studies on my son’s conditions and his overall reaction to his medicines and food.  Working alongside a holistic practitioner we were able to dramatically improve his overall health and remove all of the medicines he was taking on a daily basis. This was our first miracle, praise God!

As we navigated through so many changes, I could not help but remember as a little girl being told to run out into the garden to cut oregano, peppermint and any other herb that was to be used in my grandma’s kitchen.  This thought remained in the back of my head for many years.

After my awakening regarding my son’s health I was on a mission to go back to eating healthier.  Not just for him but for me too.

It was then than I started to research, take classes, study nutrition and my research in the weeks and months that followed led me to discover the truth behind toxic chemicals in food, infant formula, makeup, sanitary napkins, clothes, cosmetics,  antibiotics and the issues facing millions due to poor gut ecology and probiotic deficiencies.

My studies also helped me discover that nutrient based therapy for many diseases is a safe, effective and inexpensive way to aid the body’s response to sickness.  Sadly, it is so good and so easy to use nature for healing that it makes NO $$$ for Big Pharma and for most medical professionals, so you will most likely not hear about it from your doctor. You can’t patent nature, God created everything in nature and He holds the only patent! Because you can’t patent nature, most health care professionals won’t bother with alternatives embedded in organic food, gardens and forests! They won’t tell you that the gelatin from grass-fed animals and pastured birds can seal your gut and help autoimmune diseases. They also won’t tell you that sugar can and does destroy your immune system.

In discovering these truths and medical failures I was shocked and saddened.  I knew I had to do something……that something evolved into La Chica Organica and later into speaking, teaching cooking classes and making my own line of facial cleansers, organic herbal teas, healing balms, salves, diaper rash creams, herbal baths and more for our family.  I started making these items out of love for my own family to ensure we were getting the very best organic products void of toxic chemicals.  Since then I have given talks, hosted herbal crafting classes and shared my research with our doctors, local community and many moms and dads.

My commitment to health is of utmost importance; so when teaching others to craft herbal remedies, cook healthy meals or when I teach about following an organic lifestyle; I do not use or recommend ingredients containing:  petro-chemicals, sodium lauryl sulfate, formaldehyde, mineral oils, parabens, PABA, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, hormones, steroids, hydrogenated oils, processed ingredients and synthetic fillers.
Creating nutritious meals in my kitchen and hand crafting quality nontoxic herbal creations using all that God blessed the earth with, and educating people is essential to me because I never forgot my days as a little girl cutting herbs and pulling up potatoes while walking barefoot in the yard.  That little girl became one of the most important aspects of La Chica Organica’s mission.  Why?  Well because that little girl represents all of us in our quest for a healthier and safer life.  She is one of the reasons for why I do what I do.

That little girl can also be seen in the faces of thousands of poverty-stricken children around the world that die each day because of a lack of proper nutrition and knowledge of natural treatments.    My desire is to equip people with lifesaving knowledge so that they can go out into the world and lead healthier happier lives and impact those that are suffering around them.  If I can’t use my life experiences to help others then what is the point of going through hard times?

In my lifetime and the life of my extended family I have seen and or encountered: cancer, arthritis, ADHD, asthma, allergies, mold illness, chronic infections, irritable bowel syndrome, GERD, diverticulitis, back injuries, disability, high blood pressure, constipation, burns, excema, psoriasis, chronic diaper rashes, parasites, depression, nursing, child-birth, multiple childhood illnesses, high fevers, hormonal issues, bad breath, anemia, bone loss, periodontal disease and many other issues to long to place here.

As I have gone through life and dealt with various health issues in my family and extended family I have sought to learn as much as I can about them and use all that God created to aid us in recovery and prevention. I have spoken alongside pediatricians, holistic practitioners and other health and wellness aficionados. In our home we follow a nutrient dense, sugar-free, gluten and grain free diet.

But sharing all of this with you would not be complete if I did not mention who was responsible for awakening my curiosity for natural remedies, cooking, organic foods and herbs.  That would be my dear Papi, my dad who is probably strolling in a heavenly vineyard or dancing with the angels.  My dad was promoted to glory due to medical malpractice, but his love, and teachings are alive and etched inside my heart.  Dad, I know you would be proud!
It’s not easy, going through life altering events like losing a loved one or battling with cancer.  My life has been full of hard times, good times and suffering, but I have found that if we survive with grace and faith we can share with others what we learned and make the world a better place.  That is what I strive to do with each class I teach, with each meal I cook, with each product I make and with each article I write.

It saddens me when I see people who claim to be health gurus and experts but they have no love for people.  Some of them are new to health & wellness but they lie claiming to have years and years of experience, all in an effort to build a deceptive business and take your money.  LCO is not one of those people.

And just for fun, the name La Chica Organica™ started as a joke from my husband when we were still dating.  In English it means The Organic Chic. He and many of our friends know that in most cases if it’s not Organic, nutrient dense, sugar-free and healthy I don’t want it, although sometimes I find myself having to make wise non organic choices or prepare a to go bag, like when the family goes out to eat or when we are visiting friends who don’t share my passion for wholesome organic nutrient dense food. Usually in these cases I break out my 32 ounce jar of broth and homemade grain free cakes.  Some people think we are weird but we have been through so much as a family and we value our temples and do our best to take care of them.

Services Offered by LCO for you and your family

LCO enjoys sharing life building truth as a Health and Wellness Educator and Natural Health Researcher.  Her passion is also seen in the creation of her own line of organic herbal products for her family and the beautiful art of herbal crafting she teaches families.

Quite often, she is asked to share with moms about the value of using nutrition and herbs for healing.  Her and her husband work together from time to time and have enjoyed doing home visits, cooking classes and supermarket chaperone classes together.   Part of her mission is to teach people all around the world about optimal health through proper nutrition and help parents make wiser food choices for their children.  She has a deep faith in God and believes that He created all the plants, trees and herbs for our well-being.  Her own life testimony of her families’ transition from bad health to better health has helped many families make healthier choices in their own life.

Personal Group Consultations

Are you wondering how you can benefit from a class with La Chica Organica?

Are you trying to eat healthier and find the task of grocery shopping too confusing?

Are you experimenting with grain free, gluten-free, paleo or GAPS dietary protocols and need a class to learn how to prepare meals?

Do you think your home or environment is making you sick and need to figure out where to start?

Are you wondering how to incorporate healthy smoothies and juices into your daily routine?

Do you want to get your children to eat more greens & nutritious foods?

Are you an employee that wants to start a healthy eating program at work?

Need help learning about the toxic ingredients to avoid when shopping?

Need natural and safe solutions you can make to eliminate ants and bugs in your home or office?

Let LCO help you on your journey to renewed wellness.  From creative classes at your local grocery store, to meeting you at your home or place of business, LCO has a plan that will fit your needs and the needs of your family.  She has helped many people on an individual and group basis by teaching them how to create healthy meals in the kitchen, how to shop like a health guru, how to use herbs for sickness, how to avoid toxic chemicals and mold and so much more!

Don’t delay your journey to a healthier more vibrant you!  Contact her here to arrange a Health and Wellness session with a group of 3 or more.

Pricing is established based on individual needs.  LCO offers a variety of services:

Sugar Free, Grain Free, Gluten Free Cooking Class – This class is offered in segments and based on each individual need. Sit back in the comfort of your own kitchen and learn how to make nutrient dense dishes that are free of sugar, grains and unhealthy processed carbs. Learn about the benefits of fermented foods and beverages. Experience firsthand what good nutrition tastes and feels like. Rid yourself of cooking stress and enjoy simple recipes you can make for the entire family. This is a fun, laid back class. It has also been taught to church groups and women retreats. A full kitchen is required. Topics covered and discussed briefly may include Vegan, Raw, GAPS, Paleo, Gluten Free and Grain Free eating.

At Home Mommy Visits – Preferred by many, these personalized visits cover specific family needs pertaining to any area of health.  LCO’s home visits can teach you the art of herbal medicine making, the ins and outs of incorporating more raw food, how to make green smoothies and detoxifying juices, how to set up a healthy kitchen and pantry, how to know if your home or place of business is making you sick and many other topics.  For her cooking classes she has shared the following recipes: how to make organic vinaigrettes, how to make organic mustard, how to make organic raw and vegan deserts, how to make organic baby food using ancient super-foods, How to make organic herbal honey with your favorite herb or flower and many other recipes.

On the Job Health & Wellness Training – Fun class for employees wanting to eat healthier, manage stress and work in a group to improve their overall health.  LCO will share ideas, recipes, and videos and do a demonstration of how to prepare brain boosting smoothies and juices at work.

Thinking Outside of the Box – An inspirational class on how to live a truly healthy life in mind, body and spirit.  LCO covers many topic relating to health and reveals some shocking information on environmental toxins and their effect on human health.  This talk aims at encouraging you to take a hard serious look at your health and the health of your family and gives you the tools needed to learn how to go against the grain and think outside of the box for the benefit of your health and the health of your loved ones.

Supermarket Chaperone – This is by far one of LCO’s favorite classes.  It’s a fun, interactive class that is taught in several segments at various local grocery stores.  Each person will learn the basics of shopping for healthy foods, the difference between organic foods, GMO and conventional foods, toxic ingredients to avoid on food labels, raw foods and plant-based diets, fruits and veggies to buy for juicing and so much more.  You can take one class or all of them.  Classes can also be done via conference call for people who cannot join a local class.

God’s Green Herbs – Remedies & Solutions You Can Count On – Very fun and informative class.  LCO has offered this class to churches, women retreats and families.  Learn about essential herbs that each household should have and how to use them.  Some of the topics LCO will cover are: which herbs can be used for a sty, bleeding, muscle aches, canker sores, fever, high blood pressure and much more.

Immunity Boosting Herbal Medicine – Learn how to make your own herbal medicine at home and how to save hundreds of dollars a year by crafting your own remedies.  This class is a favorite for mommies and daddies alike.   Some of the topics covered are: making cough medicine, fever reduction tonics, making cold and flu remedies, immunity boosting tea blends and much more.

Juicing and Smoothie making for Newbies – An LCO customer favorite.  You will learn a step by step plan on how to incorporate healthy juices and smoothies in your diet. LCO will share recipes, techniques and benefits associated with each drink.

LCO offers personalized classes also.  So if you see a few areas above and would like LCO to combine certain topics, fell free to drop her a line below and she will tailor a class for you!

Group pricing for classes start at $50 and up per person.  Personal consultations start at $75 per hour with a 2 hour minimum. Certain classes can also be held via Skype for those living internationally.

Phone and Email Support

Some people have asked La Chica Organica™ for phone and email support because they simply cannot make all the changes on their own and they need encouragement and guidance on their journey to renewed wellness.  A simple phone call and supporting emails can be all you need to get going and take charge of your health.  This is also a favorite with LCO fans and friends all over the US and internationally.

Preliminary phone consultation (1 hour) $60

For those that require more assistance she can also set up 6 days of supporting 30 minute phone calls and supporting emails for $300

To schedule a personal health and wellness at home visit, to invite her to speak at your church or office or to receive information about classes, please fill in the contact information below.

Please be sure to check out the Testimonials Section.

Spanish consultations are available, just mention it in your request.

For more information on classes please contact LCO here

Oh and if you have not subscribed yet, you can do so at the top right hand corner of this page.  Subscription is free and allows you to get LCO’s articles in your email inbox.

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thank you for your kindness to me and others in taking the time to do this blog. You are my spiritual daughter and I am so grateful to God for knowing you!
    You are in my prayers always!

  2. This blog you just sent us a link to is just the nicest surprise! Please know you and your family are often in my thoughts and always in my prayers that God will continue to watch over and shield and protect you. You are a mom we all can look up to and emulate.

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  4. Hi

    My 2.5 year child has been diagnosed with psoriasis about 5 months back. This medical condition seems to be 100% incurable and am really disappointed. Have asked this question multiple times now …”why my child at this age has got into this medical situation”. I read in this blog that you had dealt with psoriasis condition in your/your extended family. Could you please advise how you dealt with psoriasis? This would help me…Thanks.


    • Hello

      Thank you for your comment. Diet was and is very important for us to combat many issues including psoriasis. In our family we use pro-biotics and fermented foods on a daily basis to get good bacteria into our bodies. Topically we used herbs like Oregon grape root. Most healthfood stores sell this herb in tea form that can easily be made into a body or hair rinse. There is also an herbal company that makes drops for children with this herb. You can read about it below. http://www.vitacost.com/herbs-for-kids-oregon-grape-root


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