Afordable Herbal Winter Kit Shipped Right to Your Door – Herbs Made Easy

Are you new to the healing benefits of herbs?
Learning about herbs has never been easier.  For a limited time I will be offering a Medicinal Winter Kit with of some of the organic and wild harvested herbs, teas and glycerites we use the most at home and with our friends and family.  This kit is very easy to use and is sure to become a household favorite in no time. Click here to order.

When I was growing up we used herbs since before I could walk or talk.  Herbs were and still are an important part of our daily life.  Whether it is drinking a cup of tea, making soup or taking an herbal bath, herbs are extremely important in our household.
Many moons ago, I went on a mission to go back to my roots, eat healthier and use the healing qualities of nature in our home.
I invite you to partake in your own mission to better your health. One of the things you can do to expand your knowledge base is to speak with your community herbalist or visit an herbal garden and learn about 2 or 3 herbs you can use at home in cooking and for making tea.  Then, try out some herbal medicine recipes and judge for yourself their effectiveness.
I started assisting my family with sty’s, coughs, nausea and many other ailments at home many years ago. First because I know how effective food and herbs are in helping our bodies fight disease and sickness. Secondly, because I wanted to use nontoxic remedies that would not affect my children in any way or give them ADHD, digestion issues, cancer or any other debilitating disease later in life.  And believe it or not, our pediatricians are right on board with me and encourage everything I have done over the years to help our family along the less traveled road of natural health and wellness.

I know it can be very difficult to drive to a store then stare blankly into an aisle of teas and small dropper bottles.  If you are new to the art of herbal medicine then you may scratch your head and walk away a bit confused.  That is why I worked on creating this medicinal kit because I know how difficult it can be for busy moms to search through aisles looking for a tea for an upset tummy or cough.  I also know that many people do not like using petroleum-based products on their bodies.  I am one of those people too.
Unfortunately, many of the over the counter cough and cold rubs are made from derivatives of petroleum and often contain toxic dyes.  Once placed on the skin these harmful chemicals are rapidly absorbed into the blood stream.

But now you can prepare for winter and a strong and healthy Immune System with Mom’s Medicinal Winter Kit by AMP Herbal Apothecary. No trigonometry questions to answer, no books to read just plain old goodness from Mom.

Mom’s Medicinal Winter Kit consists of:

1 organic loose tea for immunity (for 20-30 cups of tea)
Read about this tea here:

2 organic loose teas for cold and cough (for 40-50 cups of tea)
Read about this tea here:

1 organic loose tea for digestion (for 20-30 cups of tea)
Read about this tea here:

1 organic oil in glass dropper bottle to assist during colds and for immune system support. We use this delightful oil on the bottom of our feet, neck, around ears, chest and along spine.

1 organic oil in glass dropper bottle for congestion and clear breathing to support breathing and assist in nasal congestion. We use this aromatic oil by rubbing on cheeks, around nasal cavity, forehead, neck and chest.

1 ounce herbal glycerite of Mullein in glass dropper bottle for upper respiratory health and for healthy mucous membranes.

1 once herbal glycerite of Astragalus in glass dropper bottle for Immune system and to protect against viruses and aid the immune system during a viral infection.

Instructions on how we use each item with our family.

You can now order this kit online by clicking here.

May you have a happy, healthy and blessed winter!

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