Prayers and Support for Our Brothers and Sisters in The Philippines Affected by Typhoon Haiyan

My heart and prayers are with my brothers and sisters and missionary friends in the Philippines who have been affected by this awful Typhoon. Sometime life just slaps us in the face and we are left feeling helpless, lonely and afraid.  If you are a praying person will you join me and pray for all of these people who have lost loved ones, homes, belongings and pretty much lost it all?
Disaster Pic by Reuters via
Being that I work in Disaster Relief and Development I have been able to see first hand the devastation, some of which is not shown on TV. It is heart breaking. If you have a dollar, $10 or whatever you have will you consider donating to an organization like Cross International so they can continue their efforts in the Philippines?

Cross International is a reputable Organization with National BBB certification and meets all standards required by the BBB. They are also members of ECFA, and GuideStar.
96.1% of the donations they receive goes to help the poorest of the poor. This is unheard of in most Relief and Aid Organizations worldwide.
You can donate and know that your funds are not going towards fat salaries, corporate parties and misuse. To Donate or to find out more about Cross International please click below or call toll-free
Your donations and support to those who are hurting is greatly appreciated!

My love and prayers are with you Philippines!
God bless you and thanks in advance to all of you who share of your bounty to help those who are worse off than you.  If you are asked how you heard about Cross International just say La Chica Organica sent you.
Lots of Love,
La Chica Organica


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