Toxic Flouride – Know the Facts

Today I want to share a film that you must watch if the use of fluoride concerns you.  As I mentioned back in 2010, please, please don’t give your little ones water with fluoride.  Use a natural toothpaste that does not contain fluoride and if possible get a good filtering system in your home to avoid fluoride in your cooking and drinking water.

I shared a post about fluoride back in 2010 which contains some very important facts and videos on the toxicity of fluoride.  You can see the post by clicking below.
Health News: Stay away from Fluoride

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2 thoughts on “Toxic Flouride – Know the Facts

  1. thanks , my kids are always having a problem with second teeth coming while the first one is still strong what could be the problem?


    • An excess of hormones in meat, chicken and other foods can cause fast development in children including early periods for girls.

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