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It does not matter who you speak to these days.  Everyone is dealing with some sort of cancer either directly or indirectly.  Cancer has become the wicked Green Goblin of our world and its poison is slowly destroying the lives of millions of people.  Today I spoke to someone who has a relative who is fairly young and was diagnosed with liver cancer and has lost all hope.
Almost every week I hear of more cases of terminal cancer.  Unfortunately there is a huge debate in the US and abroad about diet and how it can aid the human body during cancer.
Traditional medicine does not acknowledge in most cases, that food can help aid a person’s body in the recovery of cancer.  However, the belief that certain foods, herbs and diet changes can help win the battle against cancer is no strange fable.  The good thing is that more and more, the list of doctors that use alternative medicine and herbs alongside traditional cancer treatment is growing.

Today I wanted to share ICureCancer.com, a documentary film that I heard about via Chris Wark.  Chris also interviewed the producer of the film, you can hear the interview here.
This documentary was made to tell the stories of people who won the battle of cancer on their own. These people used natural means to help them recover.  Simple things like Raw Hemp Seed Oil and consuming a diet high in alkaline foods can make the world of difference to someone who is sick.  The documentary covers many success stories that deserve an audience.

Another fantastic film I have spoken about in the past is Cut Poison Burn.

For books on cancer from a natural perspective please click here.
For a list of medical professionals and practitioners who treat cancer naturally please click here.
For more resources, videos and articles on cancer please click here. 

God Bless You and Yours!
La Chica Organica


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