Easy to Make Herbal & Floral Creations That Cost Nothing

I can’t say enough about our daughter’s creativity.  She is always coming up with her own decorations using flowers, tree branches, herbs, leaves and recycled shipping materials.

Today we took a walk to the park and she had her little scooter with her.  As we passed rosemary bushes, pine trees, Eucalyptus trees and other gorgeous plants she started gathering little bits and pieces of what she found on the floor.

As soon as we got home she begged me to let her stay outside for a few minutes because she wanted to make me a surprise.  When she was done she proudly announced that she made a decoration for my place mat and she thought it was something that people could do for weddings and parties.  She proudly stated:
“Mom this is free to make and we are using things that are already on the ground.  People should do this instead of buying expensive things for their tables at parties and weddings.”

I could not agree more.  So without further adieu here are some pictures of the lovely place mat decor made proudly by an 8-year-old using flowers, dried berries and herbs for a total cost of $0.  This is a great project for school aged children as it can be a lot of fun to walk around looking for hidden treasures.  Who knows, you just might save a few hundred dollars by having your kids make table decor for your next gathering.

Hope you get inspired to make your own.  Lots of love! LCO

LCO Herbal Flower Creations
Herbal Flower Creations1


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