Alternative Cancer Treatment Doctors & Practitioners

Cancer is a word that for me brings tears to my eyes.  It’s the evil arch-nemisis, a black hole in space, a garden surrounded by quick sand.

These past 15 years I have seen how various cancers have affected many people around me.  I have also witnessed God heal many and use herbs and natural treatments to help people recover.

My dad was the first person to introduce us to “healing herbs” for cancer.  In the early 90’s he took a trip into the Amazon basin and stayed with a group of indigenous people who showed him the various trees and herbs used for healing certain forms of cancer and malignant growths.  My dad gave this blend to his father that had been diagnosed with Prostate cancer and to various people with Leukemia and they fully recovered.

Because of these experiences and because of all the things I have discovered in my research, I believe that God has embedded many cures for us, in his beautiful creation.  Amongst the lilies and daffodils, beyond the trees and lakes, lay many hidden cures that are yet to be discovered.

In this article I have compiled some of the many doctors and health experts that use alternative treatments when treating their patients with cancer and other diseases.  I also have an entire section on this site with articles relating to cancer, you can check it out here.


Dr. Contreras attended medical school in Mexico and specialized in surgical oncology (cancer surgery) in Vienna, Austria. He oversees the care of approximately 500 new cancer patients each year at his hospital, the Oasis of Hope. His father, Dr. Ernesto Contreras, Sr., founded the Oasis of Hope in 1963 and taught Francisco that each patient is an individual that deserves compassion and the only therapies that should be offered to them would be the ones that the doctor would take if he had the same illness. “Prevention is the only cure” is a phrase that sums up Francisco Contreras’s mission to empower people over illness. Dr. Contreras says, “Some people think that either a major illness will hit, or it won’t. It is a matter of fate or genes. They don’t seem to realize that many things can be done to avoid getting sick.” He has authored three books, a series of booklets, countless magazine articles and is currently working on a heart disease prevention book.

Dr. Contreras has addressed the House of Representatives in Georgia, the World Congress on Breast Cancer, even the Association of Tumor Markers, all in the effort to encourage doctors to seek alternatives to the treatments that the medical journals indicate are not effective. He also works tirelessly to encourage people to take responsibility for their health and not rely on doctors to fix their bodies, once they have broken down. In the year 2000, Dr. Contreras traveled to China, Russia, Argentina, Japan, the USA, Mexico and many countries in Europe. He is constantly searching out new and promising therapies. His faith in God and the support of his wife and family, give him strength and stamina to continue. He gives so much of himself because he feels called of God to do so.

Phone: 888-500-HOPE


DR. NICOLAS GONZALEZ – CANCER MD (deceased but his clinic is still open)

Graduated from Brown University, Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude, with a degree in English Literature. He subsequently worked as a journalist, first at Time Inc., before pursuing premedical studies at Columbia. He then received his medical degree from Cornell University Medical College in 1983. During a postgraduate immunology fellowship under Dr. Robert A. Good, considered the father of modern immunology, he completed a research study evaluating an aggressive nutritional therapy in the treatment of advanced cancer. Since 1987, Dr. Gonzalez has been in private practice in New York City, treating patients diagnosed with cancer and other serious degenerative illnesses. His nutritional research has received substantial financial support from Procter & Gamble, Nestle, and the National Cancer Institute. Results from a pilot study published in 1999 described the most positive data in the medical literature for pancreatic cancer.



Dr. Thomas Lodi, M.D. has been practicing medicine for over 22 years. Prior to attending medical school, Dr. Lodi practiced as a clinical psychologist during which time he was director of psychological services for a 240 bed in patient facility in Hawaii. After graduating from the University of Hawaii, School of Medicine in 1985 Dr. Lodi served as a visiting Clinical Fellow at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City where he also underwent training in Internal Medicine. From 1991 to 1996, Thomas Lodi MD was appointed as Clinical Instructor of Medicine at the University of Hawaii, School of Medicine.

For the first ten years of his medical career, Dr. Thomas Lodi worked in conventional settings as an internal medicine specialist, urgent care physician, and as an intensivist in ICU and CCU departments of various hospitals. Subsequently, Dr Lodi continued his search for more effective and less toxic therapies by training around the world from Japan to Europe to Mexico and all around the US. Although he occasionally sees patients with a variety of medical conditions, Thomas Lodi, M.D. has narrowed his scope of practice through specific training and extensive experience over the past 12 years to Integrative Oncology (caring for people with cancer).



I must say that Charlotte is one of my favorite people in the natural health world.  On this site I have placed many interviews with her and documentaries that highlight the Gerson Theraphy, you can find these and many other resources and articles under the cancer section.  She has an amazing story in her own life of how her father, a German doctor healed her of a rare cancer and went on to help many people through diet and detoxification.  You can read an excellent interview with Charlotte by clicking here. 

Charlotte Gerson was born in Germany later attending schools in Vienna, Paris and London before coming to New York where she finished her high school education. She subsequently attended Smith College.

Charlotte often visited her father’s clinic, Max Gerson, in upstate New York, made rounds with him and assisted him in many ways. She studied his therapy and its application to his patients.

After her father’s death, she continued to publish his last book, ‘A Cancer Therapy – Results of 50 Cases’ and started to lecture on the Gerson Therapy. For the past 35 years, she has lectured widely all over the US, Canada, Mexico as well as in Europe & Australia. She is well-known as a speaker at many of the health conventions such as: The Cancer Control Society, The National Health Federation, The Modern Manna Group, The Consumer Health Organization of Canada as well as at many private organizations. Also, for the past 30 years, Charlotte has trained physicians in the Gerson Therapy at Mexican Gerson Therapy Hospitals, Presently, she functions mostly as an independent private consultant and lecturer. On their invitation, she gave testimony to the Joint Parliamentary Committee on Complementary and Alternative Medicine at the British Parliament; has spoken at the Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt, and the London University, various Irish University locations, and in Italy.

Charlotte writes many articles about general health, the Gerson Therapy and recovered patients. She regularly contributes to the Gerson Healing Newsletter and her articles have been reprinted in magazines worldwide.

Charlotte’s lastest book, ‘Healing the Gerson Way – Defeating Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases’, came out in August, 2007. It is new, in excellent style, eminently readable and usable for self-healing. It also has over 90 pages of Gerson recipes.



He belives that you“must change the biological terrain of your body so that it is no longer hospitable to having the abnormal cancer cells, while at the same time helping your immune system to do its job better. In this way, if successful, some of the cells will redifferentiate back to normal cells while others will be destroyed by your immune system’s soldiers such as your NK or natural killer cells. This can be a long and difficult task and some immune products can be costly. Remember how many years it took for these cells to get to the point they are currently at! The most important things that must all be carried out as soon as possible are (in no particular order)”

1) Eliminating all foods that depress immune function (foods containing almost any sweeteners or sugars, foods made of flour, potatoes, and any food to which you are allergic or reactive to in any way).

2) Eating adequate amounts of healthy foods, especially fresh non-starchy vegetables of various colors, animal protein only from animals that were raised and fed their natural diet, and healthy fats both from the properly fed animals as well as others listed in the information below. 3) Removal of toxins from the body which were part of the causes that depressed your immune function including but not limited to- pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, chlorine, fluoride, mercury, lead, etc.

4) Support of the main eliminatory organs such as the liver and kidneys with products designed to carry out this task.

5) Consumption of adequate amounts of CLEAN PURE water in between meals to help flush out the toxins. Two quarts a day is a good beginning goal for an average weight adult. Excellent brands of bottled water include- Fiji, Volvic, and Calistoga. If your supermarket does not carry any of these, try your local health food store where most of your shopping will need to be anyway. Please note that hormone free and antibiotic free meats are often not as claimed. You need to check whether this statement means from birth to death or only the last 90 days to meet government standards. More importantly is that you need the food that the animal eats to be it natural diet. For example most beef that is free of added chemicals was still raised on grain and not pasture fed on grass, as it would be in nature. This causes all the fatty acids to be in the wrong balance. The Whole Foods Market chain of stores is one place where you can purchase New Zealand beef, which is one of the grass fed types that is available.


There are many other doctors and practitioners that use herbs and diet for cancer.  I will do another write up on these valuable resources in the weeks to come.

May you and yours be blessed!



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