Amazing Juice for Skin Problems

You may want to take note of this yummy and healthy recipe that is a great cleanser for your skin.

Our main ingredient is the avocado since avocados are known for their high vitamin E content and act as a natural moisturizer.  Once you have your avocado ready you will need 2 or 3 large oranges, one large apple, about 3 ounces of tender asparagus spears, the juice of a small lemon, a small handful of parsley, mineral water and some ice cubes.
You can also add in a liquid probiotic like Kefir or open up a capsule of probiotics.

May I add that la Chica Organica ONLY uses Organic produce especially when preparing juices.

First juice your oranges and lemon.  Then add all the other ingredients in your blender with the juice from the oranges and lemon and blend until smooth.  You may have to stop a few times and scrape down the sides to ensure all is blended evenly. *Note* You may want to peel your apple depending on your blender efficiency , but I keep the skin on to get all the vitamins and nutrients that the apple has to offer.

I like to use large water goblets but you can use a plain glass or cup, it’s just that the goblets (mine are cobalt blue) give it a nice sophisticated look especially if you’re serving this up to your kids, friends or spouse.  So add some ice to your glass and then pour in the juice until it’s almost full, then top off with some mineral water and give it a stir.

I have noticed that most skin problems do disappear with frequent drinking of this juice (about 3 times a week or more).

Give it a try – you have nothing to lose.  It’s a win, win situation.  You will get clearer more radiant skin and your providing your body with necessary nutrients and vitamins from food that is alive and beneficial to your health.



6 thoughts on “Amazing Juice for Skin Problems

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  2. Hi LCO,
    I have a history of stomach acidity & can’t stay hungry for long. I also have Beta Thalassemia (low BP, low haemoglobin due to that).
    Since a couple of years, I’ve been suffering from acne all over my face & back (like boils full of puss). I am trying to regulate my stressful work routines, sleep because I am sure my work stress & sleep routines is taking a toll on my skin. I have started with (carrot, beetroot & tomato juice – similar to the miracle drink you’ve suggested in one of your posts) in the morning, empty stomach. I think due to acidity issues, I tend to feel a little hungry after I drink any juices in the morning.
    I buy fresh apple juice, fresh avocado juice (i guess it is mixed with some milk) few times a week at work along with my lunch.
    I just came across the above recommendation of juice from you for curing acne & I am planning to give it a thorough try from tomorrow. 🙂
    Could you please let me know if continuing the juices I mentioned above suits my conditions? Or do you recommend any modifications or some other recipes?
    Looking fwd to your help.
    Thanks you very much for going through my post. Love your work! It’s inspiring to see what you are doing.

    • Thanks for your comment and questions.
      You know I must say that diet is key to clearing up the skin. Our skin reflects the condition of our digestive system and internal health.
      Its important that you eat a well balanced diet, try to incorporate greens and green smoothies. Also herbs like Dandelion are amazing at cleansing our liver and clearing up issues that cause rosacea and pimples.
      But you must also make sure you are having one or two regular bowel movements daily. if not this is indicative of another issue and will greatly affect the appearance of your skin.

      Hope this helps.

  3. Thank you for sharing this useful informaiton! I have a question: if the avocado is organic, do I have to peel it before I blend it? Or it will be much better if I blend it with the skin on?

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