Organic Food at it’s Best & Cows that Eat Organic Herbs and Greens Instead of GMO Corn

Two weeks ago I announced that Jordan Rubin, author of The Maker’s Diet, is turning his attention to the food industry and has started an organically correct company to benefit millions of people around the world.   As a health & wellness educator and researcher I am thrilled to share this fantastic information with all my friends and family as I know it will impact their health in a positive way.

This amazing company is called Beyond Organic, and is set to launch in October 2011.  Jordan has built a farm designed to produce the cleanest, most nutritious, and most innovative foods ever offered.  These include grass-fed, hormone-free, antibiotic-free meat, kefir, other dairy products, flax seed products, pro-biotic infused chocolate, pro-biotic infused water, and even pre-packaged meals, just to name a few.

To accomplish this Jordan has purchased 8000 acres of farmland in Missouri and a pure water spring in Georgia, brought in a special breed of cattle from Africa, and is even growing premier grasses and herbs that provide 100% of the livestock’s diet!

Imagine cows being fed organic grasses and green herbs instead of the common diet of genetically modified corn.  Now that’s reason enough to be excited in my book!

In addition to the uniqueness of his products, Jordan has decided to market and distribute the products in a non-conventional way.  He is giving the general public a stake in the company’s success.  The company will be built through relationships rather than conventional marketing and distribution channels.

Beyond Organic has aimed to be a mission’s driven company. Their slogan is: Change your diet, Change your life, Change your world. There will be no white Mercedes or pink Cadillac in the compensation plan. Instead there is going to be a program called Healthy Living Account and a ministry/outreach called Give a Meal – Get a Meal. As part of your compensation you may donate meals to the needy (through approved organizations) and you’ll get a free meal in return from the company.

Each member of Beyond Organic will have access to:

  • Jordan’s bran new book after company launch date
  • Worldwide television show
  • High Quality magazine
  • Your own customizable Beyond Organic web-site
  • Extensive training to include: product knowledge, prospecting, selling and business ownership
  • For interested parties, an opportunity to receive training through the Beyond Organic University to become a Health Coach

Are you exited yet?  Well I have some great news.  Because of a program called the Beyond Organic Insider you will be able become a part of Beyond Organic, secure your position in the network, and be introduced to the products before the launch in October.

Plus, Jordan plans to offer an opportunity for all the insiders that join prior to the October launch, to become founding members of Beyond Organic and share in a % of company revenue.

So today I would like to invite you to join me in this wonderful venture, where you can get great food for your family and share the message of health with all those that you love.

Click here if you would like to sign up as a Beyond Organic Insider.  

Many Blessings,


2 thoughts on “Organic Food at it’s Best & Cows that Eat Organic Herbs and Greens Instead of GMO Corn

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