LCO’s New Site for Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance

Hi guys.  Its been a crazy week for us.  My oldest son was diagnosed with Celiac Disease yesterday and I have been running around in circles since, trying to make needed changes, making herbal medicine, creating a new website, comforting my son and finishing up 2 talks that I am giving this weekend at a health & wellness retreat.  The great thing is that despite his diagnosis the Dr said that his blood is exceptionally healthy which is very uncommon for children suffering from the severity of his gluten allergy.  Under normal conditions he would be malnourished, lacking in vital minerals and vitamins and with possible cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and many other issues.

His great blood work is a testament to our organic diet and all the raw green smoothies we do daily.  So I am on another mission to see if this diagnosis can be reversed at all through herbs, detoxing, raw food and anything else I can get my hands on.

My son was feeling kind of down about this yesterday since it ALTERS everything for him and for our family.  In an effort to encourage him and the millions of families dealing with Celiac disease I vowed I would start another site and offer up our experience and life journey to help others and use my years of research for the benefit of our family and all my readers around the world.

And so,  “Gluten Free Mommy & Me” site was born at about midnight last-night.

The site is still under construction but I am very excited to share my perils and life changes with you as we go through this journey of Celiac disease in our oldest child.  Since he was just diagnosed and I wanted to dive in nose first so that as we push on through I can encourage and support others going through the same thing.

I often say that God lets us go through tough times so in our suffering and hardship we can bless others.  This new site is dedicated to the millions of children and their families that have Celiac disease.  My hope is to bless and equip you so that you can overcome the obstacles, find encouragement, try great recipes, and read the latest research and health articles on the topic so that you won’t feel like you’re the only mom or dad in the world dealing with this.

I also want to provide you with the latest resources for organic gluten free foods as not all gluten free foods are healthy from what I have seen.  Who knows, LCO might branch out and start making organic gluten free foods……….

Lots of Love



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