LCO Celebrates 100 Countries – Plus Free Offer to Subscribers

This is really amazing.  Yesterday La Chica Organica’s message of health and wellness made it into the 100th country.  We are so excited to see so many subscribers and readers from all over the world follow our passion for health, the natural way.

Thank You God for all your direction in this journey.  I can only hope that this mission that started in my heart many years ago be a beacon of light to those that are sick and hurting.  Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we plan to further pursue the dream of helping others.  Please also pray that the much-needed funds and open doors will come our way.

And a big thank you to all my readers and subscribers from all around the world especially to the top 10 countries that subscribe to LCO’s site.  You are the reason why I do what I do:

To celebrate LCO’s presence in 100 countries we are offering a free email health & wellness consult to all of our subscribers.  So you if are subscribed to receive our articles and updates you can now email LCO for a free consult on anything you need to know regarding organic living, natural health, nursing, cooking healthy and anything else in between.  But you must be a subscriber to benefit from this awesome offer.


Make sure you are a subscriber, you can subscribe on the top right hand side of this page

Email LCO a question or comment that requires a response

LCO will provide a free response and or her research on the topic for ONE question only

Questions must be sent via the contact us page from Sunday March 20 2011 through Wednesday March 23 2011

Hope to hear from you soon.

Lots of Love



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