LCO Confessions: I Cheated

Have you ever faithfully upheld certain values and or beliefs and then without proper thought just done the opposite?  That was me last night and I will NEVER do it again because it’s now 24 hours later and I am still feeling the pain of my foolishness.

No, it’s not what you’re thinking.  I am happily married and would never cheat on my husband but I did cheat on my beloved healthy food last night.

What happened, well here is the quick rundown.

My sister discovered she has a bad mold problem in her apartment so her and my wonderfully energetic niece (2 say the least) have been staying at our home.  It’s been loud, tiring, crazy and fun at the same time.  Something about 4 rambunctious children and 3 tired adults had to do with my cheating episode.

We decided to drive about 45 minutes to a nice park where the kid’s could run and de-stress from being on top of each other all week.  After about 3 hours we were all hungry and tired.  I for some unknown reason was craving a burger; either turkey or lentil but I wanted a burger.

Now let me hit the time out button for a minute and interject by saying that yesterday I was a bad mommy.  I packed no snacks, no good munchies, and no smoothies.  We left the house with zip, zero, zilch, nada; only a few water bottles and babies’ raw organic coconut milk.  And their lies the problem you see.  Had I been prepared our little cheating escapade may have been avoided.

So now, back to the burger craving.  I mention this to my husband who then says: “Oh, I would love to eat a nice big burger too!”  And then the kids started, yes me too, me too.  A turkey burger mommy.  Well I grabbed my handy little wanna be i-Phone which is really just a Samsung look-a-like and I started searching for healthy/organic restaurants in the area, only to see “Your search provided no results”.

Awweee come on I said over and over again.  Why are there no good healthy restaurants nearby, not even a Health food store?

After much deliberation we drive to a restaurant that makes fresh barbecue with local naturally raised animals and offers an array of salads and burgers.

So here we were sitting down, listening to country music and looking at the menu.  Now all of a sudden no one wants a burger they want ribs!!!!  I announce that we are not buying pork ribs just in case they forgot WE DON’T LIKE EATING PORK only to be told by the waitress that they have beef ribs.  What a temptation, Lord why me?  Ribs, I can’t tell you when the last time was that I ate ribs, but needless to say my non-organic sister and niece cheer with joy at the sound of ribs and my kids follow suit.

Finally the meal is ready and out comes 4 large containers of baked beans and a raw cabbage salad with carrots otherwise known as coleslaw.

Then the beef ribs, BBQ chicken, potatoes and corn.

By this time my purse is open, and I am counting the digestive enzymes that I am going to take with this intoxicating meal.  We all bless the food and start to munch away.  The coleslaw tastes good since it has almost no mayo which I am excited about.  I say to myself that I will just eat the cabbage and the baked beans and call it a night.  But I fail miserably and decide to have 3 small ribs each about 3 inches long and 1 inch wide, these were tiny ribs not those found on super steroid raised cows.  I also have garlic bread, a small piece of corn and lots of water.

Once we finished we all head out to wash our hands and get into the car.  Everything seemed normal until my husband and I are in bed regurgitating our food.  The indigestion and discomfort was terrible and I vow at this point to NEVER break LCO’s code of food ethics again.

In the morning I made myself a 30 ounce green smoothie with lots of organic sprouts, coconut and chlorophyll.  In a matter of minutes my stomach was feeling better.

So, I too have cheated and I wanted to share my sin with youL, now it’s your turn to fess up.

What have you cheated on in your daily diet and how has it affected you?

Peace, Love and lots of greens!



4 thoughts on “LCO Confessions: I Cheated

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