Air Cooled vs Water Cooled Chickens: One Can be Deadly-Find out Which you Should Avoid

A photo of chickens drinking water

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Most people today know that Salmonella is a potentially deadly infection that if not treated can pose a serious health risk.  But what you probably did not know is that most of the chicken you purchase in your grocery store is water-cooled which has been said to aid the spread of salmonella and other deadly bacteria.

Once every few years, Consumer Reports conducts a national study on the safety of store-bought whole chickens.  To do this, the magazine purchases various brands of whole broiler chickens from stores across the country and sends them to a laboratory that tests the chickens for Salmonella and Campylobacter bacteria.  The magazine’s 2007 study was, at the time, the most extensive national survey of contamination and antibiotic resistance in store-bought chicken ever published.  That study tested 525 fresh chickens from stores across 23 states, and included 10 organic and 12 nonorganic brands.  The most recent study, the results of which are discussed in the magazine’s January 2010 issue, tested 382 chickens from more than 100 stores across 22 states.  Both studies reached a similar conclusion: the majority of whole chickens sold in stores across the United States are contaminated with potentially deadly bacteria, and the government isn’t doing enough to fix the problem.

So what kind of chicken do you have in your fridge?  Is is water-cooled or air-cooled and why does this matter?  To find out the answers to your questions watch the video below.  Its educational and humourous, I know you will enjoy it and learn a few things that could save you or a family member from a serious illness and even death.

Video: Does Your Chicken Need a Diaper?



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