Easy Free Way to Test your Family for Food Intolerances

Wouldn’t it be great to have a little machine you could scan your foods with and it would tell you if they are beneficial for your body.

Well although such scanners do exist they can be a bit costly to own and or to have done at a doctors office.

But you can test intolerances in the comfort of your own home and its a lot of fun to do.  In the natural health world this kind of testing is known as muscle testing, energy testing and or kinesiology.  When our bodies suffer from food intolerances our bodies electrical system is weakened and this is measured by our muscles response to a specific food.  This type of testing can be used to identify allergies, physical weaknesses, sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies, and to assess which herbs, supplements or other treatments are indicated as remedies.

I have done this test on almost everyone in our family and some of our friends and it’s incredibly accurate.  I have tested my own herbal medicine against ones purchased at a health food store only to find out the one I purchased was actually weakening our bodies where as my stuff rocked!! Yeah, I was jumping up and down at the results.  It was quite the Kodak moment. 🙂

One day I got into a testing frenzy where I grabbed a bag of deadly ramen noodle soup a friend had left at our home.  We all tested and it gave the anticipated results that of course it weakened our muscle response.  You can test anything just nothing in tin or metal cans.

The easiest testing I find is done by holding your left hand fingers open, with the palm facing upwards, see picture above.

Connect the left thumb and pinky fingers by putting one nail under the other.  A circle should be created by doing this.

If you are acting as the testing practitioner you take a baseline test by putting your 2 index fingers under the pads of the pinky/thumb connection, gently trying to separate them.

The person being tested must keep a tight hold and resist the pull, but it not meant to be a strength assessment so relax.

Once you have your baseline result have the person being tested hold the food in question in the other hand as you test again as mentioned above.

The awesome part about this is that the connection will be strengthened or weakened.  If the fingers easily resist your pull then it means that the food being tested strengthens the body’s electrical field, if the fingers do not resist the pull then the food should be eliminated immediately from the diet as it is weakening the body.  I know it’s so cool and it’s always given me a correct reading even baked up by medical testing.

Lots of Love LCO


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