Organic Vegan Raw Homemade Chocolate Mousse – Paleo Grain Free GAPS

If you love chocolate you have to hear my audio post below.  I apologize in advance for sounding a bit scatter brained but I was rocking my little one back and forth so he would not start screaming.

Once you hear the audio post then look for the recipe below.

This is what I used but you can alter ingredients as you like.  Just make it fun and experiment with the ingredients.

LCO’s Vegan Organic Mousse™

1/4 cup of organic raw cacao

10 pitted organic dates (omit these and use 2 bananas instead to make GAPS legal)

3 spoons of organic coconut palm nectar (omit and use 2 tbs of raw honey to make GAPS legal)

1 tablespoon of organic extra virgin coconut oil

a pinch of organic vanilla powder

1/2 cup or more of homemade coconut milk

1/4 cup of cultured coconut milk or homemade yogurt

1/4 cup of shredded organic coconut

1/2 tsp of organic chia seeds soaked for 30 minutes in 2 ounces of water (omit and use 1 tsp gelatin dissolved in 1 ounce hot water to make GAPS legal)

1/4 cup of your favorite raw organic nuts & seeds – sprouted is best (optional)

organic cut strawberries (optional for garnish)

Blend everything together but leave a few teaspoons of coconut for the end.

Scoop out into drops on wax paper and top with shredded coconut.

Refrigerate for 45 minutes to a few hrs and enjoy within 3 days

Happy Early Valentines Day




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