Rinsing and Brushing with this Sugar can Stop Tooth Decay and heal Gum Disease

fearfull and crying child before dental treatment

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My daughter had the dreaded dental exam today.  For a while she has been complaining about pain inside her gums but between insurance changes and appointment availability we did not get her in to see a dentist until today.

She has a really bad abscess that according to the dentist is going to require an extraction and we have to schedule an appointment right away with a surgeon.

After the appointment I started to think about one of the products we use instead of regular nasal saline drops.  Its made with Xylitol and once placed in the nose it helps halt the growth of infection causing bacteria.

That got me thinking about washing her mouth out with Xylitol sugar to help before and after her extraction and after eating.  So I decided to google it and found a wonderful site I wanted to share with you today. Its has some amazing facts and findings concerning the safe use of Xylitol for children and adults.  And like I thought, they recommend brushing and rinsing with it. On a side note, its important to remember that decay of the teeth is often easily treated by consuming nutrient dense foods and eliminating sugar and processed grains and foods. In some cases infection can be healed without medical intervention. However always consult with your practitioner and do your research before any medical treatment and or lack of medical treatment is considered. 

Here is an excerpt from the site I mentioned above: “Xylitol selectively inhibits & eventually destroys cariogenic Streptococcus mutans (caries bacteria which form dental plaque and produce acid) in the entire oral cavity, i.e. xylitol fights tooth decay at its root.  Since xylitol effectively destroys the bacteria responsible for the formation of dangerous plaque and acids, cleaning and brushing teeth becomes less of the essence. In other words, it is no longer required for the conscientious “tooth owner” to clean each tooth after each meal to free it from films using toothbrush, floss etc. In its stead, a short xylitol application will suffice, as described in the following.”

Read the entire article here.

Anyone out there brushed with Xylitol natural sugar before?  We use the gum and have the toothpaste but never brushed with it in its purest form.


5 thoughts on “Rinsing and Brushing with this Sugar can Stop Tooth Decay and heal Gum Disease

  1. I quickly read the Healing Teeth Naturally article. Very interesting, indeed, and I will re-read again. So what is the suggestion? Should we try dissolving Xylitol powder in water and making our own rinse? I will do some further research on my own – I am fascinated by this. Frankly, even if Xylitol powder is expensive it must be a better alternative to expensive dental bills. I am one of those people who has inherited week teeth and gums and am always looking for healthy alternatives. Thanks again for excellent info. I will be looking to see if any of your other readers has had experience with Xylitol.

    • Thanks Jackie. I dissolved about one teaspoon in 2 ounces of room temperature water and then had my daughter whoosh it around for 2 minutes then brush her teeth after with her xylitol toothpaste and some dissolved xylitol paste. The key is not to rinse it off. So brush you teeth and rinse your toothpaste and then apply the xylitol and brush and spit out without rinsing. A good brand we have used for years is XyloSweet. Its not expensive and can also serve as a tea and baking sweetener and it does not alter sugar levels. Whatever brand you buy make sure the ingredients only say xylitol.

    • This is actually a good company. I have purchased some things from them over the years. The properties of Xylitol mentioned on the site are right on. I started using xylitol when my two oldest children were smaller. I would use the nasal rinse and still do for when they have a cold or have nasal congestion. We also keep xylitol gum on hand when possible and its a great alternative to regular gum since it has no toxic ingredients like 99% of the gums out there.

  2. Don’t bother to dilute w/ water. It is saliva-soluble so just use pure in your mouth and the saliva will disolve it, leaving it at full strength. I would be careful about using as a sugar substitute and not ingest very much until further research is done as this is a new discovery.

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