Organic Gifts: Be My Valentine Organic Loose Tea

Valentines day is right around the corner.  Do you have that special inexpensive gift for the people in your life that will be expecting something from you? What about your child’s teacher or the nice lady at your doctors office?

But even if you don’t have a need for a valentine day gift you can still be blessed by this healing tea.

I have treasured this tea as one of my favorites for a long time. Its amazing and has many different uses and medicinal benefits.   For example: Did you know that rose petals make a fantastic gargle and tea for sore throat and mouth sores? Rose petals and Lavender have been used to assist with clearing up runny noses and fighting chest infections. This tea is also a favorite for sufferers of  insomnia, depression and extreme fatigue.  We use it in a mix with other herbs to bathe baby and our older children.  I exfoliate with it several times a week for beautiful skin without using toxic washes and scrubs.  We also make cinnamon, lavender and rose petal preserves, and oh is it good!  So many uses for this tea you’ll almost not want to give it away.

This Valentines day, give your beloved a gift of love that entices the senses, cleanses the skin and nourishes the body.

Be my Valentine Organic loose tea is made with Organic Red Rose Petals and Organic Lavender Flowers.

This fabulous organic blend can be used the following ways:

1 -Brew as a cup of tea

2 -Use in a sachet(included) inside the bathtub to promote relaxation and to moisturize dry skin

3 -Use as a facial steam to unclog pores

4 -Use as a gentle body scrub and facial exfoliant

5 -Brew as a tea and gargle for mouth sores

6 -Use in bath water as a safe and relaxing baby wash

7 -Decorate your bed for a romantic night with your beloved

This makes a wonderful gift for teachers, loved ones, co-workers and babies. Yes this makes a fabulous wash for little ones when brewed as a tea and tossed in with bath water.

Be my Valentine Organic Loose Tea comes in a labeled shiny silver metal tin that is reusable.

La Chica Organica only uses Organic herbs that have not been treated with cancer causing pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.

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