Help! I’m Sweating and I Stink – How to get Rid of Body Odor?

Do you know someone who has a really strong body odor and when they sweat you have to hold your nose?  Really, it may even be a problem you have or have experienced in the past.

Although most of the time foul body odor is due to poor hygiene, it can also be a sign of internal toxicity in the liver and other organs.  Children and adults who consume high amounts of prescription drugs can also have this problem.

A person who has a problem with his or her body odor will realize that no amount of bathing, splashing of cologne or perfume, and using deodorant can mask the lingering trace of such smell. Although good hygiene is necessary to combat bad odor, the best way to beat this problem is still to cleanse your system from within. Below are some tips that could help you get rid of your body odor problems for good.

Chlorophyll Is Your Ally

One of the most effective internal deodorizers is chlorophyll, a substance that is popularly recognized as the one responsible for turning the color of plant leaves to green. According to naturopathic practitioner Dr. Peter Bennett, taking chlorophyll supplements will help greatly in the purifying and deodorizing of the body. In many hospitals, chlorophyll is actually used to minimize the odor of feces of patients that have their colons removed or have their stools routed in bags. But if you are not keen on taking supplements, you can also get your daily chlorophyll requirements by eating spinach, kale, chard and other green leafy vegetables.

Do Some Dry Brushing

One way to stimulate proper blood circulation and get rid of dead skin cells is by regularly dry brushing the skin. Use soft and natural bristles so that brushing your skin will not be painful. This activity is beneficial because it will not only help eliminate dead cells, which can be malodorous, but can also assist in getting rid of toxins on the surface of your skin.

Use short and quick strokes, starting from your fingertips all the way up to your armpits. Make sure that the strokes are all geared towards the heart. Then, brush your whole body including your legs and thighs. Do not forget to brush even the soles of your feet. Lastly, do not let your brush get wet in order to prevent it from getting molds.

Drink Your Odor Away

A lot of people pay little attention to water. However, this fluid is very important in the elimination of waste products and toxins from the body. If you are suffering from body odor, it would be best to drink plenty of water so that the odor-causing toxins could be diluted inside your body. In order to make the deodorizing power of water more potent, you can add lemon juice to your glass of water. Lemon is also one of nature’s best purifiers and deodorizers.

Try Some Probiotics

Proliferation of bad bacteria inside your gut is one of the leading causes of bad body odor. These colonies of unfriendly bacteria may have flourished because of the types of food you eat or the lack of good bacteria inside your system. To remedy this problem, you may want to try eating yogurt, which is a good source of friendly microorganisms. You can also take supplements that contain probiotics.

Do a detox with herbs such as dandelion which help purify the blood and cleanse the liver.

As mentioned earlier, the things that you put inside your mouth can be the underlying reason behind your bad body odor. If you want to get rid of such odor, you need to undergo detoxification to help cleanse your system and eliminate once and for all the wastes and toxins that have been building up inside your intestines.

For a quick fix try mixing 1/2 teaspoon of backing-soda with 1 teaspoon of almond oil and 5 drops of organic essential oil of lemon.  Rub generously around the underarm area and let dry.  Place remaining mixture in a tin can or small container to re-apply as needed.  This is one of our favorite deodorant recipes and it works very well.  However, if you shave your underarm area do not apply this mixture until one day later because it may irritate your skin.

Happy Smelling!

Janet MartinHow to Get Rid of Bad Body Odor the Natural Way
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2 thoughts on “Help! I’m Sweating and I Stink – How to get Rid of Body Odor?

    • You are welcome Lisa. You can mix the essential oil and almond oil once a week and keep it in one of the airtight containers I sell and when you are ready to use just add the baking soda or you can make what you need daily which is what we do.

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