Blueberries faked in cereals, muffins, bagels and other food products – Video from Food Investigations

I wanted to share this important reminder about deceptive food because I realize that many people still purchase processed foods in high quantities for their families.

Recently, I posted an article I wrote on artificial food additives and colorings.  If you did not read it you can click here.

Food Investigations has created a helpful video exposing some of the companies that deceptively market their products as containing nutritious food when in fact they are poisoning you and getting richer by the day.

Don’t be fooled people.  If it did not come from the tree or from the ground and into your mouth then its not real life building food.  In most cases it has been processed, stripped of nutrients, loaded with sugar and soaked in hydrogenated oils.  As I have said before:  Please Read the labels.  And if reading is too much for you then just stop buying processed snacks/foods and replace them with organic raw nuts, organic dried fruit and raw fruit snack bars you can make your self.  For a great recipe on a raw desert we enjoy at home click here.

Happy, Healthy Eating



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