This Cheap Mineral is Great for All Your Cleaning Needs and it’s Safe

Forget the hundreds of toxic products that are uniquely created for specific cleaning needs. Typically, most cleaning can be addressed with safe kitchen staples.

Today, consider the wonders of salt. Many of you on the DIY cleaning train are used to reaching for baking soda or vinegar, but salt is also a magnificent multi-tasker.

Here are but a few of the superpowers of salt:

1. Hand helper. Mix salt and vinegar and rub over your hands to remove garlic or onion scents from your skin.

2. Shine time. Mix together equal parts salt, flour, and vinegar and apply to brass, copper, or even gold with a cloth. Let sit for an hour, wipe off, and buff.


2 thoughts on “This Cheap Mineral is Great for All Your Cleaning Needs and it’s Safe

  1. Love your blog. Love it. I’ve been using salt, baking soda, and vinegar in various combinations for cleaning for years and continue to try to educate my friends. Now I have an issue that perplexes me. How does one get rid of kitchen mold beneath the sink. I had a leak which progressed. Then I noticed rust. I regret not dealing with this situation sooner because now there is a dense presence of dark mold in the area beneath the sink. I do not know if it is the deadly black mold, or just a nasty mold. Either way, it is of great concern to me. What measures can I take without using harsh chemicals to safely clean the area now myself? I know how to prevent it in the future but I am stumped after reading conflicting information online. I need to address this issue pronto.

    • Jackie,

      Thank You so much for your comment. I am glad you enjoy what I have here. With your mold issue I recommend that you test the area first to ensure it is not deadly black mold. We had it in our home and we were all sick for a very long time. The exposure to black mold caused our immune systems to be weakened and caused all sorts of health problems for us until it was removed and remediation was done. If you have a Home Depot or similar store in your area you can pick up a mold kit that costs under $20. With that you can swab the areas and send it to the address provided in your kit which will be to a lab. The results take about 2 weeks to come back and they are very detailed. They charge a little bit more for the lab results but I have never known it to be more than $30 or $40.

      Once you find out what kind of mold your dealing with then you can choose the appropriate treatment.
      Until then I recommend you not scrape or wipe the area because if it is black mold then you are releasing toxic spores into the air. Here is some helpful information on mold you can view on the EPA site –

      As a side note, vinegar has been shown to kill about 90% of all molds. But when cleaning you have to wear a face mask and gloves since mold spores can be inhaled.

      In a article I wrote last year I mentioned mold. Here is an excerpt:
      Did you know that mold in your home can trigger nasty migraines? Yes especially black mold. Most people living in hot humid, damp areas have serious mold issues in their home and don’t even know why they keep getting infections and upper respiratory sicknesses. Here is a list of things that daily toxic mold exposure can cause:

      * Respiratory distress, coughing, sneezing & sinusitis.
      * Asthmatic signs; wheezing, shortness in breath, coughing, burning in lungs, etc.
      * Irritable bowel syndrome, nausea & diarrhea.
      * Difficulty swallowing & mucous.
      * Burning in the throat and lungs (similar to acid reflux and often misdiagnosed as such)
      * Swollen lymph nodes
      * Thyroid irregularities,
      * Migraines & Headaches
      * Anxiety/depression, heart palpitations
      * Extreme blood pressure, cholesterol, or triglycerides irregularities
      * Night head sweats, and drooling while sleeping, profuse sweating
      * Nose bleeds (stachybotrys)
      * Joint/muscle stiffness and pain
      * Irregular heart beat

      Click here to read the full article.

      If I can help you with anything else please let me know.

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