Do you know what to do if you get burned?

Spotted forms of Aloe vera are sometimes known...

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Today my sister spilled boiling water all over her feet.  I was at work when she called me to ask me what she should do.  Immediately I told her to put her feet in cold water for as long as possible to reduce the temperature of the skin.  Usually 30 minutes to an hour is good.

Unfortunately she did not have anything on hand with her to treat her burn naturally so she had her fiance purchase over the counter burn cream.  Tonight when I stopped by to see her and both of her feet were red, swollen and covered in boils.  She said that she had been in pain all day even after using the pharmacy recommended cream.

So I washed her feet and then covered them in my 100% Organic Food Grade Aloe Vera gel.  I then wrapped her feet lightly in a gauze that I soaked in the Aloe Vera gel.  She said that the pain disappeared immediately and that it was the first time all day she felt relief even though she had used a burn cream with lidocaine. After about 1 hour some of the small boils popped on their own and the skin was not as red.   But had she used the aloe immediately her feet would not have been affected as bad.

We keep aloe gel in our home at all times because we never know when we are going to need it with the kids.  We also have aloe growing in the back yard which can be sliced and placed on the burned area and wrapped in gauze during the day and a fresh piece of aloe for overnight use. Freezing the slices of aloe for about 45 minutes before applying, enhances the cooling effect and pain relief.

Once you have placed the aloe on for one day begin applying a natural healer like La Chica Organica’s Bare to Butter which is made with 100% organic pure non processed Shea Butter.  Shea butter like aloe is a great anti-inflamatory alternative and will remove any scaring and also help with pain.

If are interested in our Aloe or our Bare to Butter please email us at for our latest Winter Catalog.



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