Can you make herbal medicine at home?

Yes you can!

It’s really not difficult if you have a step by step guide like the one available from La Chica Organica.  I have been really busy lately working on new ebooks that  some of you have asked me to make available.  The first ebook is part of a series from La Chica Organica’s Herbal Medicine Classes that we give in people’s homes from time to time.

This easy to read and informative ebook is going to teach you how to make organic herbal syrups using herbs that have been known for centuries and have been used all around the world for their healing properties.

In the ebook entitled “How to make Herbal Syrups you will learn:

What herbs you can mix for an immunity boosting syrup

Which herb has the highest vitamin C content of all plants and how you can benefit from its healing properties every day

What natural sweetener has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties and makes a fantastic addition to herbal syrups

2 herbal kid approved syrup recipes using herbs and ingredients you can buy locally or from La Chica Organica

And much more.

You will also get a bonus article on La Chica Organica’s secret recipe for making herbal infused oils that is so easy you’ll wonder why you ever spent money on store-bought herbal oils when you could have been making them your self:

This free bonus article will teach you how to make your own massage oils, salad oils and cooking oils that you can package up as gifts for the Christmas season.  Imagine having your own homemade rosemary and green pepper oil or your own massage oil for relieving sore muscles.

Email us at if your interested.  This ebook is priced at a super low price of just $15 and it includes the free bonus article on how you can make your own herbal oils for anything your heart desires.

This winter season, give yourself the gift of health.  Because your health matters, and organic living is just around the corner!

To order please email us at and we will send you a bill through PayPal.  Once your order is processed you will have access to your ebooks immediately, no waiting, no hassle.

We will email you the ebooks in PDF format and you will b able to open them right away, so you can start on your herbal medicines.

Blessings to you and yours



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