What is something simple you can use to help with bug bites, scrapes, diaper rashes and more?

How many times have you wished you had something quick for a bug bite, wound, diaper rash, healing cut or blister?

The answer is in Moms Miraculous Salve™ and now with your help this organic product is reaching needy families in developing nations, keep reading and you’ll see how.

Because I am a mom of 3 and a wife to a designer and handyman we needed something that would be safe for continuous use on our many scrapes and bug bites.  My husband is one of my main customers.  He tells all his guy friends about our salve especially since he uses it as an effective mosquito repellent while exercising outside in our mosquito filled back yard.  I also wanted to make something that was safe for babies and children to use to prevent fungal infections and diaper rash.

So after many formulations and test batches this wonderful product was born.

Moms Miraculous Salve™ is made with 100% organic ingredients.  There are no fillers, carcinogens, petrochemicals, stabilizers or neurotoxins used.  And the best thing is that it is Pediatrician approved and recommended.

At home we apply generously as an effective insect repellent and to cleaned wounds, bug bites, stings, sores, diaper rashes, dry chapped skin and more. We use externally as often as needed for adults, children and infants.

This salve contains herbs that help draw out infection and reduce inflammation so its uses are endless and a must have for any family.  Recently is was used by one of our sons teachers since she was bitten by a recluse spider.  The results were amazing.

It’s also very effective as a diaper rash ointment for our baby and keeps him rash free all the time without the use of toxic creams. A little goes a long way so a medium-sized tin can last several months depending on your needs.

What makes this salve special is that as you buy one for yourself you will have the opportunity to participate in La Chica Organica’s International Share a Salve Project™ and help needey children like the ones featured below.

How it works:

You will purchase a salve for yourself and one for a missionary in a poor country so that it can be used with some very needy children and their families.  You will pay for two medium-sized salves ($14 each) and then the additional salve will be given to a missionary oversees.

To make this happen La Chica Organica will be partnering with Cross International, a reputable organization that is accountable and registered with BBB, ECFA, Guide Star, Charity Navigator and AERDO.  In the future we will partner with other Organizations as our effort grows.

La Chica Organica™ recently sent a kit to a missionary that Cross International supports in Haiti and we are excited to make our salve available all around the globe in the months and years to come.

I can’t imagine my little ones getting a spider bite or having a terrible diaper rash over and over again because there is nothing to help them.  Imagine disabled children that have to wear diapers everyday of their life with nothing to help them with the awful rashes they get.

Now you can make a difference in the life of a child with something so simple but so necessary.

Come and join the growing amount of people all over the country that have chosen to participate in our Share a Salve project.

We will begin taking orders next week.  To order click here or email LaChicaOrganica@gmail.com.

If you are a church or ministry interested in Fund-raising with Moms Miraculous Salve™ please email LaChicaOrganica@gmail.com for details.


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