Are You Doing Your Part?

I can’t imagine my 3 defenseless, innocent children fending for themselves in a dark alley, under a bridge or amongst a pile of garbage looking for a bite to eat.  Yet every single day millions of children are in that situation.  Some have been abandoned, some have lost their parents and some have escaped abuse.  These children are often not the topic you talk about when you are gathered with friends or family.  For most people, it’s not the main conversation during Thanksgiving dinner.

We may not speak of them but they are there.

So what are you doing about it?  Are you doing your part?

Think for a moment if it was your baby boy with a high fever and a rash all over their body.   There is nothing to help him and the fever is only getting worse.  You struggle to breathe as you lay on a dirt floor covered in sweat and holding your precious child.  You cry out to God and begin to weep as you see your little baby slipping away into eternity. The minutes seem like hours and as you place your head on theirs and wipe their tears as they have mixed with yours, you notice they are no longer breathing. It’s all over.

I don’t know about you but that thought rips through my gut.  I can’t help but cry as I see the pictures above.  I can’t help but think what if I was born into that poverty and did not ask to be there?

In my travels with my father we did see a lot of poverty.  Children begging in the streets and carrying little siblings on their back.  I was a child back then and it just seemed normal because we were surrounded by it.  As I grew up, the reality of poverty really struck me.  I watched my father create projects to help very poor families in his country.  Throughout the years, seeing the need has made a gaping hole in my heart and has prompted me to be an advocate for such misery.  Over the past few years I have been working directly with some international missions and have had the opportunity to bless very needy children with some of my Organic herbal creations.  I will be calling on you in the future to help me as this beautiful plan unfolds so stay tuned.

But for now I want to ask you again.  Are you doing your part?  Just think about it for a moment and as you go about your day think if there is something you can do to help someone who is less fortunate.

That’s all for today.  I want to leave you with a poem I wrote last year on Poverty.  May it touch your heart and move you to action.  So together we can all make a difference in someone’s life, even if it’s just one person.



What is poverty?

Who can dare define its limits and beginnings? Where does it sleep at night?

Am I poverty, are you?

Who can tell at a mere glance the poverty that lies within a child who has never felt the affection of a parent they live with?

Who can hear the unspoken cries of the many souls that surround us?

Souls that are thirsty for peace for love for food and clothing.

Do you pass poverty by when you come to work?

Do you stop to ponder that poverty might just be looking at you when you’re at church or at the mall or in your own home?

Again I ask you, what is poverty?  What is it really?

Is poverty defined only by those suffering in far away nations or can poverty be tucked away in your own heart.

Is poverty taught?

Is it learned?

Do you teach poverty when you walk away from a poor desperate soul in need.

Do you learn poverty when you’re sinking in despair and the people at church don’t offer you solace just a scripture for you to take along in your misery?

Can you hear poverty ringing in your ears?  Do you recognize it when you see it?

Do you know that when a person is lost and hopeless they too are suffering from poverty, and when a neighbor decides to take his life he too is suffering from poverty.  A poverty of Love

When innocent people are killed in the name of peace and rallies are conducted to promote murdering the unborn, such people are also suffering from poverty.  A poverty of spirit.

When moms and dads can no longer provide for their children and they cry out to their church and their community, but their cries are stifled by blueprints for new buildings and better parks.

Such moms and dads are victims of those suffering from poverty.  A Poverty of Compassion

When jobs are lost and good health is removed from someone you know.  You say you’ll pray for them and leave while your bank account accrues interest for that vacation you really don’t need to take again.  You too are suffering from poverty.  A poverty of selflessness

When you neglect your children by putting your dreams ahead of theirs and family time is no longer entertained because there is no time and there are many things to get done.  You too are suffering from Poverty.  A Poverty of Sacrifice

So again

I ask:

What is Poverty to you?

Will you for one moment stop and think that God may just be bringing people and circumstances your way as a reminder of what true love is really about.

Will you do something about Poverty today or will you just turn your back and walk away.


La Chica Organica

Visit Cross International to see how you can help a child in need today!


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