Afordable Herbal Health Kit – Herbs Made Easy

Are you new to the healing benefits of herbs?

Learning about herbs has never been easier than now.  Learn all the secrets about which herbs you can use to better your overall health.  This kit is very easy to use and is sure to become a household favorite in no time. Click here to contact me if you are interested in ordering this kit.

For a limited time I will be offering an Herbal Health Kit with of some of the organic and wild harvested herbs, teas and glycerites we use the most at home and with our friends and family.
This kit consists of:

1 bag of Immunity Rescue Loose Leaf Tea,
1 bag of Help my Tummy Loose Leaf Tea
1 bag of Take my Cough Away Leaf Loose Tea
1 Clear Me Up Tea Bath for Congestions and Colds (loose herbs)
1 signature tin of Thyme to The Rescue Salve for bumps, bruises, diaper rash and insect bites.
1 Herbal Glycerite of Mullein (for lung health and healthy mucous membranes)
1 Herbal Glycerite of Astragalus (for immune system and a potent anti-viral)

These are some of our must have herbal blends for winter and for times of sickness.


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