Health News: Calcium, Big Pharma & Heart attacks – What You Should Know

I wanted to share an important article written by the Alliance for Natural Health.  Please read this and pass it on to those you know who may be taking calcium supplements.  It’s important that you take the additional supplements with your calcium to avoid serious health issues.  It’s also important that you stay informed on what the facts are regarding calcium supplements.  For a safe calcium complex see here.

Calcium needs additional magnesium, vitamin D, omega–3 fatty acids, and vitamin K (in particular, vitamin K-2, which is especially important). Without these essential co-factors, the calcium may end up in our blood vessels or our heart, where it causes harm, rather than our bones, where it is needed. So long as these co-factors are taken as well, many studies have shown that added calcium plays an important role in building and maintaining bone mass—and also reduces the risk of colon cancer.

Read the entire article here


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