Mama’s Back to School Health Kit – Be Prepared before School Starts

I wish we still had 3 more months of summer break. Just the thought of early morning traffic, coughing children and flu season really don’t encourage me to want to have the kids start school again.

Let’s face it no matter how clean you are or how well you raise your kids they are likely to get sick from one of their buddies at school.  They are also bound to slip and fall and have a bu-bu you’ll need to kiss and make better or have a midnight tummy ache.

But what troubles me more about starting school is that I saw how germs traveled when I was volunteering as a lunch room mom in my children’s school.

Children from kindergarten all the way up through elementary would cough, sneeze and then touch their friends, their food and the food around them.  They would rub stuffy noses then scratch their eyes and keep eating.

Hand washing was allowed after lunch but by then the germs had traveled into little ears, eyes and noses where they would eventually cause havoc.

So how can a mom be prepared this upcoming school year for the bumps, bruises, lice, colds, coughs, tummy aches and everything in between?

Make yourself a little Health Kit with things purchased at your local health food store.  You can also pre-order a custom-made kit from La Chica Organica by emailing me at for details. Having a health kit comes in handy for last-minute emergencies and trips and it saves time and money.

Here are some items I will have available that you can request for your “Mama’s Back to school Health Kit”.  Most of these items are made in La Chica Organica’s herbal lab using Organic herbs and infused oils.

Here are some items available for your custom kit:

  • Moms Miraculous Salve™ for cleaned wounds, cuts, sprains, bug bites, stings, sores, diaper rashes, and dry chapped skin.  Works well as a mosquito repellent too! This salve contains organic herbs that help draw out infection and reduce inflammation so its uses are endless and a must have for any mommy.  We use several tins of this throughout the year.
  • Roses to the Rescue Balm™ – for the little girls in your life, but moms dads and brothers will love it too, just don’t tell the boys it’s made with rosesJ  This salve has Organic unrefined Shea butter, Rose petals, Chamomile and some other Organic herbs in a base of almond oil with a drop or two of Organic Geranium Oil.  It can be used for irritated skin, chapped lips and anywhere in between.  I use it to soften rough feet at night after a day at the beach. This balm can also be placed in the fridge and placed on sunburned skin for a healing and cooling effect.
  • Herbal Flu & Cold Rescue Balm – for rubbing on nose, chest, back and feet during flu season
  • Immunity Boosting Loose Tea for Cold and Flu
  • Mama’s Cold and Flu Rescue bath
  • Help my Tummy Loose Tea
  • Chamo Power Set with Organic loose Chamomile, tincture bottle & dropper to make herbal drops for itchy eyes related to pink eye, sty’s and allergies
  • Loose the Lice ™loose herb kit for preventing lice
  • Herbal ear drops for aiding with pain and infection (a must have in our home)
  • Jar of Organic raw honey for scratchy throats and sweetening tea
  • Non Toxic Natural Bug Repellent
  • Plantain Leaf loose herb – This is a must have in our home and everyone’s home.   Leaves can be crushed or chewed and used to quickly stop the bleeding of an open wound, stop the pain and inflammation or bites and stings, and relieve the itching from poison ivy.
  • Natural mini cough drops in re-sealable miniature bags for kids to carry in their backpacks and mom inside her purse
  • Nasal Spray with Xylitol for flushing out infection causing bacteria
  • Small bag of powdered Organic Rose hips for using in smoothies to boost immunity since they have a higher Vitamin C content than citrus fruits.

I will be preparing custom kits in the coming weeks.

If you are interested please email me and reserve your spot as kits will go fast and once I run out I won’t have more until December.  I can design kits based on your needs as a family.

Order yours now by emailing for details and pricing.


In order to keep product prices low I have not incorporated a shopping cart or ordering features to my site.  I can bill you using Paypal where you can securely pay using any account or credit/bank card or you can pay me in person with cash or a check.


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