Health News: Raw Organic Milk a Crime to Sell for Human Consumption

“Lord please help the government and bring some sense into them”

That was part of my sons prayer today after I explained to him about what has been going on across health news headlines nationaly.  Even now there is a debate about raw milk and in most states it is illegal to sell it for human consumption so milk is labeled for animal consumption only but the elite organic illuminate knows what the deal is. :O

You see the Organic milk you get at the store is not in its pure form. Its been modified through pasteurization (cooking) and homogenization (breaking down fat molecules).  This allows for the milk to have longer shelf life but admittedly at a cost.  What you’re getting is dead milk void of the living enzymes and healthy bacteria your body needs.  This is quite different from what our nation once consumed.  Until the end of the 19th century Americans could enjoy a fresh raw glass of milk just taken from cows on local farms and bottled to be sold immediately.

But as with all things money talks and junk walks so it has become with our food.

“Now, more and more consumers are becoming aware of the health benefits of raw milk. It’s loaded with active probiotics, of course, which we now know increase skin health and digestive health while potentially even improving cognitive function. So naturally, consumers started purchasing raw milk from their local farmers and coops in order to benefit from this raw, unprocessed food. (Actually, lots of health-conscious people have been doing this since the 1960’s, but “raw milk” didn’t really become popular among near-mainstream consumers until just the last few years…)

When people buy raw milk from local farmers, this of course takes away profits from the large corporate milk producers that are selling pasteurized, homogenized milk. So the dairy industry attempted to get the federal government to destroy the competition (the raw milk producers). But instead of just saying, “We want you to destroy our competition,” they made up an excuse, “Raw milk is dangerous!”

Yep: The same beverage that America was raised on is now considered by the feds to be “too dangerous to drink.” Sure, you can drink diet soda laced with aspartame or high-fructose corn syrup — two ingredients known to cause degenerative disease — but you can’t drink raw, wholesome, fresh milk anyway because it’s too dangerous.” 1

Are you kidding me.  If you have ever tried a glass of raw milk you will know what I am talking about. Consumers and studies have observed that raw milk also doesn’t cause reactions and indigestion like dead milk does  Raw milk has been known to lessen occurrences of asthma and allergies in children and adults.  Check out a recent study here.

Since we traveled allot as kids we were blessed to purchase raw organic milk in the open markets of the Caribbean, central and south America and oh is it good.  I actually heard of a place locally that sells this precious organic milk and the kids and I enjoyed some today along with raw butter and cheese.

Of course the labels say it’s for animal consumption not for humans but we all know that most people are purchasing for pets and their own consumption.

I know that when we lived in south America we enjoyed raw organic cheeses, milk and butter many times and I am alive and well today so are my aunts and uncles.

Read up on the facts you are sure to be pleasantly surprised about all the health benefits that Raw Organic milk has to offer!

For more of the happenings relating to Raw Milk see link and video below:

For those who wish detailed information on the safety and health benefits of raw milk, we suggest the following documents from


1 Mike Adams article entitled – The government war on raw milk is an attack against food freedom


2 thoughts on “Health News: Raw Organic Milk a Crime to Sell for Human Consumption

  1. Thank you for bringing this to the attention to all Americans trying to eat healthy and buy organic foods. Big brother is really getting out of hand. I enjoy your site and wish you continued success, and keep up the great work!

    James Reno

    • You are welcome. Yes, unfortunately we have big brother, big sister, uncle SAM and all of their extended family watching. As consumers we must wake up to realize that when they say its bad; chances are it must be good for you.
      Raw Rocks!!!
      Raw raw raw!

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