Herbal Remedies: Bathing with herbs for relief of cold and flu symptoms

If you have recently had a bad cold or flu you know how awful your body aches and your nose gets stuffed up.  How about headaches, back pain, cough and chest congestion due to the flu?

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My husband came down with a bad flu and he was hurting.  For two days I kept pestering him to take an herbal bath and he refused.  Finally he gave in and I made him one because I know that when I am suffering with a cold or a flu virus the best thing I can do for my body is soak in a huge cup of tea.

Let me just say that hubby was miserable.  His body ached and he had a badly stuffed up nose in addition to a hacking cough and terrible back pain and joint discomfort.

So I filled up a 5 quart pot with water then added 1.5 cups of eucalyptus, 1.5 Cups of Thyme , 1/4 cup of lavender, 3/4 cup of yarrow flowers and a few teaspoons of lemon peels.  I let it boil for 3 minutes then steep for about 30 minutes to allow the herbs properties to break down into the water.  Poured the strained mixture into a bathtub half full of water along with 4 ounces of Himalayan Pink Salt.  I also added 5 drops of Organic Lemon and rosemary essential oils.

After 45 minutes in the bath he said he could not believe how his nasal cavities had cleared up and his body aches were gone in addition to the throbbing headache.  By the next day he did the bath again and most of his symptoms were gone.  We continued the bath for several days.

I have been researching and have documented the effects of herbal baths for years and have concluded that the reason why herbals baths work is because our skin is the largest organ on our body.  Everything we put on it be it toxic or non toxic is absorbed by our skin and it will affect our overall well-being positively or negatively.

Next time you’re feeling under the weather try an Herbal bath.  Oh and you can also use the herbs you strained out again for a second bath.

I take herbal baths with our baby almost every day now that he is teething and gets congested on and off; it really helps him get rid of some of the nasal congestion and works to help his overall discomfort.

Herbal baths are a great option during cold and flu season for the entire family.

May you and yours be well!


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