Food: The silent killer or healer- What you need to know about defeating disease.

You must see this documentary – trust me its no waste of time!

I have watched this documentary over and over again.  And just when I reach the end I cry every-time.  It moves me so much to see dedicated medical professionals that have thought beyond their conventional practices and actually done something out of genuine care for their dying patients.

I am also moved by the simple beauty that God created all the herbs, plants, fruits and vegetables that are ultimately  used in even the most aggressive forms of cancer and disease. Something so simple to grasp and yet millions of people have to die each year including children because as a society we care more about the green paper then truly finding cures that are embedded in Gods wonderful creation.  I can only pray that my passion for health and my research of many years can be of help to as many people who are open to hearing.  I pray that humility will be my anchor and love for the brethren my shield.

Now about this documentary – I keep stressing the Gerson Therapy because this therapy has been used by so many people with all types of cancer and disease.  In a previous post I posted a review on the movie The Beautiful Truth that was done by a teen and his father.  It’s a fantastic film I recommend you watching on my blog.

Now I want to share another film called Dying to have Known. You wont be sorry you spent an hour out of your day to watch these film clips.  It might just save your life or the life of someone you know.

You can view this film for free on you tube by clicking here.
For more information and a review of this film click here.

May you be blessed this day.

I hope you walked away from watching these videos refreshed and will spread the word about how what we eat can kill us or heal us.


La Chica Organica


4 thoughts on “Food: The silent killer or healer- What you need to know about defeating disease.

  1. What an amazing documentary! I am so glad I have found this site. It is so beautifully done. I feel so very blessed.I must share this with my family and friends.

  2. When I clicked to watch the ‘Dying to Have Known’ YouTube video that’s embedded on this page, instead of it playing, the screen said ‘This video is private.’ I then went to YouTube and searched for that video’s title. The results list shows that several people have posted this documentary in 8 separate videos, each of which is 10 minutes long. (The full documentary, released in 2006, is 80 minutes long, and is reviewed here: .)

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