Abortion – An Issue that Affects Everyone!

I wanted to share this short video on a new campaign that has been started to end abortion.  Although the concept is quite extreme I do applaud their work and effort in bringing out the hard-core facts about abortion to a public that’s still in the dark.

I do not believe in abortion but I do know that at times spontaneous abortions/miscarriages take place on their own and there is nothing you can do about it.

So you can aim to end abortions that are done clinically but I think we also need to look at why abortions happen spontaneously too!  Only then can we campaign about ending abortion completely.

Perhaps if our doctors and health specialists focused on educating women more about proper diet not just when pregnant then we would see less and less spontaneous abortions.  Of course there are those spontaneous abortions that happen because of a woman’s inner design and internal makeup so that’s another issue in of itself.

But what about teaching people that toxics like mercury and other heavy metal exposure damage a person to the point that they cause spontaneous abortions?

I think its something that the public is not yet doing anything about.

I love this video and the camping idea of wearing black on Fridays to represent all the deaths of babies due to abortions but I would like to amp it up a bit and also see more education being handed out by health advocates and specialists that teach people what things in our world can seriously harm a womans ability to reproduce as she was created to.

Please post your thoughts!

Enjoy the video and pass this on to get the word out!


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