Natural help for thrush in babies and adults

I was at my Chiropractors’ office today and one of the employees there mentioned needing a quick safe effective remedy for thrush that a little baby he knows is dealing with. Thrush is a fungal infection.  I have treated this with Thyme, Echinacea root, Chamomile, Oregano and Rose Petals in older children since they can actually whoosh a tea of this around in their mouth and take several cups of tea a day.  But for little ones I have known several drops to work just as well taken orally.

A simple solution I have used with my babies is giving them the following things during the infection and for 7 to 10 days after:

A good pro-biotic like Bio-K or iFlora Probiotics for Kids by Sedona Labs

Garlic Oil – 3 times per day

Black Walnut extract – 2 times a day

Echinacea – 4 times a day

When I could not find herbs and liquid supplements specifically made with child dosing I used and still use a common dosing guideline used by herbalists and holistic nutritionists around the world.  It basically uses the adult weight of 150 pounds as a baseline.  You then take your child’s weight and place it on top of 150 which is the common denominator.  So for a child that weighs 10 pounds the correct dose would be 1/15 of the adult dose.  As with all things you can always ask a holistic doctor or pediatrician to assist you with healthy alternatives.


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