I am Homeless but I don’t Deserve Good, Wholesome Food

My husband and I have been helping several homeless guys on and off for the past 2 years. It’s a strong burden that he has for these poor men and women on the streets.  It almost seems like an impossible task to rehabilitate, reach out and transform the lives of so many homeless people.

I hear people say that it’s not their job or their responsibility.  Yet some people are gracious enough to gather funds and help buy much needed shoes for these poor souls.

But what troubles me is the food we give to these hurting homeless brothers and sisters.  Often times we buy the cheapest dented cans and drop off at our churches and shelters collecting care bags for the homeless.  It seems like the things we give are those things that we ourselves would not eat.

Why then do we give a gift that we would not want?

What makes us better than Charlie the man that is sleeping in an abandoned gas station and using the nearby tree as his shaded bedroom?

Why can’t we give a good gift?  One that we would be blessed to have ourselves.

The need is growing everyday for people to step up to the plate and do one random act of kindness for a hurting man, woman or child.

You can make a difference if you want to.

Next time you hear about a homeless man or woman needing help do give them your best.

If you believe in the value of Organic nutrition and pesticide free, MSG free, Trans fat free, GMO free food then give that gift, not the cheap unhealthy processed canned foods you get for $.50 at your local grocery store.

As most homeless people are suffering from serious health and mental ailments they more than anyone else need to have access to good, healthy healing foods that will help them recover mentally and physically.

I challenge you to call a local homeless outreach in your community and ask if you can prepare a meal for a family.  If you have kids involve them in the cooking process and tell them who the food is for.

Make a dish worthy of your own admiration and then bless a family in need.

For more information on homeless outreaches around the nation see the links below.









One thought on “I am Homeless but I don’t Deserve Good, Wholesome Food

  1. you are the best, that’s why I love you so much! Thank you for listen my request today in the morning and make some of this possible for our brothers and sisters on the streets! God bless you! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!

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