Herb Art

Kids can have Fun with herbs too

Who said herbs are just for adults.  Kids can have fun with herbs too!.  Here is a little piece that my 5-year-old and I worked on together.  Not only is it fun but it teaches them to recognize herbs by smell, look and feel.

Teach your kids while they are young about the benefit of herbs.  Have them smell and tell you which herb it is.  My little girl enjoys this game.  She is a little herbalist and doesn’t even know it yet.

Some people think its to early to start drilling your kids about health meanwhile TV is doing a great job of drilling in Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll into the little impressionable minds of our kids from a very young age.  And we can’t teach them about nutrition, herbs and holistic living?

I encourage you to pull out the Oregano, the Basil and Thyme.  Grab a stick of glue and some scrapbook paper, then go to town.  It will make a mess, but you’ll be making memories and teaching them valuable information that will stay with them as they grow older.

If you are seriously interested in teaching your children about herbs there is a book that I just adore.  It’s written for kids but I know many adults that have used it as their beginning book to herbs.  It’s beutifuly made and very informative.  Click on the picture below for more information.


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